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Privacy Policy

We Value Our Readers Privacy


We recognize that privacy on the World Wide Web is important to you. We use information to better understand your needs and enhance your experience on our website.

In this privacy policy, we state some of the practices we use to utilize and explain information obtained from our website.

The information we request, such as your name, mailing address and e-mail address, will be used to fulfill your request for information and assistance in the services we provide. If you want to receive updates, we will periodically send you information about other RaBiitch Official products and services that we feel are of interest to you.

We do not sell or provide information to other companies who want to inform you of their products without your consent. As long as the privacy policy applies, we will continue to provide the latest version on this website.

The privacy statement includes websites operated by the RaBiitch Official which include, but are not limited to, the following domain and sub domain sites:

This Privacy Policy only covers information obtained through this website and does not include information that may be obtained through software downloaded from the site or obtained from other sites linked to this site.

Information We Collect

We store information from registrations, cookies, log files, clear gif and / or third parties to create our user profiles.

Personal data can include your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address. We also collect non-personally identifiable information, which may be linked to your Personal Data, including your IP address, and search preferences related to specific searches.

We use this information to contact you about services on our site to find out your interest. Generally, users have the option to provide information, unique identities (such as usernames and passwords), but to support them we can provide a more personal experience on our site.

RaBiitch Official will always try to protect user information. When users provide confidential information via a website, their information is protected online and offline.
Customer service

We connect with users regularly to provide the necessary services and issues related to their account and we reply via email or telephone, according to the user's wishes.

Share Your Personal Data

This is an example where we will share a user's personal information:
    RaBiitch Official can share your Personal Data with third parties that we employ to perform services on our behalf, such as web hosting services. The third party also has an obligation to maintain the security and confidentiality of Personal Data and to process Personal Data only in accordance with our instructions.

    The RaBiitch Official may disclose Personal Data to protect ourselves against claims, to respond to calls to be witnesses, court proceedings, legal requests from law enforcement officers, or as needed to comply with state law and applicable laws. We may also disclose Personal Data to enforce or apply terms and conditions that apply to our products and services, or to protect the rights, property or safety of RaBiitch Official, our users, or others.

    Legal action

    Although we do our best to maintain user privacy, we also need to provide personal information if required by law where we believe that such actions need to be taken to fulfill the current judicial process, court proceedings or legal proceedings that apply in the Official RaBiitch.

    We provide overall demographic information to our partners and advertisers. For example, we can periodically provide information such as number of visitors, area of ​​interest, relationship with RaBiitch Official, etc. This has nothing to do with personally identifiable information.

    If anyone uses the name RaBiitch.Me for the purpose of taking advantage of themselves beyond what RaBiitch Official sells officially, legal action will be taken as a theft and / or defamation. RaBiitch.Me will not hesitate to complain to the parties (irresponsible) to the Police for the legal process to be processed in accordance with the conditions in the Republic of Indonesia!

    If anyone finds someone who sells and or uses the name RaBiitch.Me unilaterally without official approval from RaBiitch.Me, you can report directly to us via


    This website can have links to other sites. You need to know that we, the RaBiitch Official, are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other sites. We distinguish these third party websites with methods such as opening them in a separate browser window or in a frame that indicates areas that are not part of our site. In this case, the privacy policy of the RaBiitch Official website does not apply. We hope that users will be careful when leaving our site and reading the privacy statements of each and every Website that you visit. The privacy statement applies fully to the information obtained by this website.

    Notification of Changes

    If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will send these changes to this privacy statement, which can be accessed from the main page, or other places that we consider appropriate.

    We will do everything possible to use information in accordance with the privacy policy where information is obtained. Sometimes, we also send emails to users who have chosen to receive communication from us, who notify them of changes to our privacy. However, if the user has opted out all communication with the site, or deleted / deactivated their account, they will not be contacted again.Notification of Changes

    By using our website, you hereby agree to the collection and use of this information as specified in this privacy policy.

    General description

    There is nothing in this agreement which is our attempt to maintain the confidentiality of any information provided to us in the case of using our Website.
    Contact Information

    If the user has questions or suggestions relating to the privacy policy, please send an email to