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The Story Of Successful Bloggers Mas Sugeng

Ever heard the name decman riadi? I think you certainly never heard it. Whether it's the police, Mr. pak sugeng kiai, or the handsome singer sugeng. But its not going to discuss them because we are now discussing biroe21 decman riadi of the successful bloggers.

Sugeng riadi or more known as mas sugeng is successful bloggers who are blogging at He currently lives in East Java, mas sugeng very famous with a template cool. every time he released new templates, it is definitely always are many on the market.

MAS sugeng very expert in the field, konding, seo, the web, and write desan. MAS sugeng also have expertise in the field of social media marketing, online marketing, social networking, online advertising, strategic planning and more. He has an interest in blogging, seo, web design, and online business.

The year 2010 is the beginning of the journey of the mas sugeng became explorers of cyberspace. An awful lot of things that are experienced and perceived mas sugeng, ranging from love, grief, sweet, bitter, asem and wry. But arguably the most grief and pahitlah dominate the travel blogging mas sugeng. Mas sugeng and now feel the sweetness.

Early blog mas sugeng is merely people bisaa, even he just graduated junior high school. Although mas sugeng just graduated junior high school but he's not clueless about computers, he is more than a technology literate companions, to finally get to know the name of the blog.

Originally the blog is not well according to mas sugeng, however, suddenly turned into a super duper well when knowing it turns out blog could produce money. And at that time he began to be interested by the name of the blog, he started to learn to create a blog, write, and assembled that relates to the blog he learned.

Well, when learning the ins and outs of blog, mas sugeng many experiencing grief rather than liked. The following is a grief like mas sugeng when learning this blogging, I take from the posting he called downs become a blogger.


1. Blogging using only hp
When that mas sugeng blogging using only hp, and occasionally go to a cybercafe, since when it has yet to have a laptop. Can imagine his difficult ngebblog haya using hp, what he ngebllog on blogger. Different when she was blogging at mywapblog, probably will be much easier. During the nearly two years mas sugeng blogging using only hp, though occasionally went to the cafe.

2. dimarahin parents
The name of blogging has certainly spent much of watu to internet. So it's only natural if dimarahin parents have become an everyday food. (Right now, anyway I think baseball already.)

3. Live like kelelelawarPerhaps it could reply that bloggers whose names are like bats, malem work during sleep. In the end the mas sugeng rarely ngumpul the same temen-temennya, neighbors and often ill, too. (she says anyway, but not know well)
4. slow internet
This is the grief experienced by mas sugeng neblog when first learning. and this has until now still I have experienced, (either klo mas sugeng). According to internet connection problems I've started can be corrected by mas sugeng.

Reply 4 of the above is grief for mas sugeng, here is an indifferent mas sugeng.
1. blogging gax there are time limitsThe most fun thing to be a blogger, according to mas sugeng gax know blogging is time. Yes because blogging can be done Anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection that is important.

2. many new friendsDuring blogging mas sugeng many got new acquaintances from blogwalking results, forums, or grub-grub DIF. .. b. Although only as cyberspace friends but can be a place to share experiences and exchange thoughts.

3. income RegainedWell this one thing yan I think most expected by many bloggers blogging goals, even though each individual vary, but yan name making money has certainly assembled people want. Likewise with mas sugeng, earn from blogging activities is a most enjoyable.

That's some of the downs from mas sugeng yan managed to my auto summary.

As we know mas sugeng began studying blogging since early 2010. He knows the blog due to accidentally read one blog, courtesy of super cool people who made it are interested in having your own blog.

Learning ngeblog Dulu mas sugeng only through hp, because at that time mas sugeng does not yet have a laptop or computer. First hp that he used to blogging is the nokia c2-01.

But after mas sugeng get little results from the results ngeblognya. He began to set aside the proceeds to buy a Laptop. And from then on he began to rarely use hp to blogging activity, because he already had a laptop.

As with other successful bloggers, mas sugeng not only cultivate the one blog. He composes very many blogs, good blog blog Indonesia language as well as English. The address of the blog he could not publish.

But all my knowledge there are two blogs that he elolah. The first bog located right on the which was previously addressed in the second with the address where he sells his template. (now redirected to

Blog mas sugeng addressed in began as early as 2011 and start using the domain in the year 2012. But later in the year 2015 it change back to until now.

There are several reasons why yan make mas sugeng replace domain be There are at least three reasons that made mas sugeng succeed the domain be Here are the reasons mas sugeng change its domain:

1. no sign minusnya
The first reason he changed its domain because there is a minus sign on the domain MAS sugeng feel less comfortable using domain because there are some of the reasons as follows:
a. Domainya hard on recall
b. domain is difficult in say
c. Many who stray into the
d. the minus sign on the domain indentik with blog spam

2. in order to better Indonesia
at first the domain. id can only be used by the public in a two-level domain, for example. co. or. id, id, id web. etc. However, since the month of August 2014 top level domain. id can be used by the public.

According to the word that mas sugeng, he gax have intentions to register domain. id because the price is very expensive, and the domain belongs to the new ni. Though now very cheap domain. id even free for the first year, but when the first mas sugeng register domain. id using the normal price of around 500 thousand.

3. Learn new things
The reason mas sugeng yng last to mempelajai new things. MAS sugeng pengen tau shipwreck where the effect after rename domain. It's the last few reasons mas sugeng replace domain be

First mas sugeng flatfom he used to make a blog blogger in 2011 and in 2012 he used the domain costume. until later in the year 2014, he decided to migrate to wordpress self hosting. blog is a personal blog he discusses tutorial blogger, blogging tips, blogging guides ranging from how to create a blog, optimize your blog to blog monetization. I like the way the discussion mas sugeng it can bear-bear gax to comprehensively and at the end of the discussion not ngambang. Most popular posts on the blog mas sugeng is a way of making money from blogs for beginners.

MAS sugeng itself is actually just lulussan junior high school, is not much different with me. What distinguishes me and mas sugeng it I reply bloggers fail but that successful bloggers mas sugeng. This handsome man purportedly capable of generating thousands of dollars every month. A very large income advance the exchange rate of the dollar rose semaikin. MAS sugeng on novmber 2015 announced yesterday that he has only one blog for tutorials blogging. Because the previous mas sugeng also have a blog on blogger with the address, but is now already in the set as the one at with the reason to cultivate one blog blogging tutorial is the best choice. More information read here.

Maybe just that one could write about saa bloger success. Hope my story mas sugeng this could be motifasi for tetem bloger, solution specifically conceived for me personally who have failed to become successful bloggers. Can we be abil considerations behind that blogging that takes patience, pokus, confident and consistent to mendapatakan a result of yan and become successful bloggers.

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