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SEO optimize a Website using a Blog so that no. 1 on Google

I once wrote an article about the understanding of SEO, and this time I will try to describe a little bit about the steps how to SEO a website so that our site can get ranked in Google or other search engines.

May be quite short, but I am writing this based on what I learned and personal experiences of some experiments, as well as of some other references.

Hopefully what I write can provide inspiration for you to understand more about the practical steps the implementation of SEO on a website.

Well, let's continue ...

Wake Up Blog For Your Website
If you want to create a successful website, it's good You consider also to build a blog in the website.

The point, in addition to increasing confidence in visitors, also to provide credibility in the eyes of search engines.

You might ask, "Loh, how blogs can increase confidence in the eyes of visitors?"

Just imagine, what would happen if someone came to us and asked the waiter to ask-shop, but the shop steward last guns mudeng reserved our products. The term, product knowledge to his zero. Um, yes would have been slightly embarrassing ...

Well, the blog can be used as such.

The visitors may not find the product/service that he was looking for. However when in muter-muter read other content which is contained in our blog, who knows he's found other information could be he needs.

Remember, the key word is "information".

So slowly but surely, in him will grow confidence that our website deserves to be used as reference/references about products or services that are currently in the search.

So also for the search engines.

The blog is one of the important elements of our website so that it meets its objectives. If we always update the content, they're the bot search engine it will be more like it.

The question of how to create a blog, if we use a WordPress website surely this will very easily, guns need to Dizzy-Dizzy again how do you make a blog feature. Because as a CMS, WordPress already provides this facility.

The question now is, how do we create a blog that is frowned upon by the search engines?

How To SEO A Website Using A Blog
How to seo a website, how to seo blogRangkuman tips on how to optimize this practical SEO blog I got from a writer, scholar, and SEO practitioners, he name Mas Diar Seonubi.

Really good to follow. Please note ...

1. specify the theme or topic of the blog – blog before we make, specify the main topic we are going to critical limits stretcher, because later it will be the title of the blog that was later elaborated into the description of the blog. Surely this topic is also relevant to our website in its entirety.

2. Research keywords/keyword (KW) – do this in the past when it was about to write a blog, then it's good don't get too would like to pursue a potential big trafiknya keyword. Start from that its potential is small, the important thing we have to understand the principles of work. If you already can appear in search results by keyword which is light, then we increase by using the keyword competition is heavy. An important principle, could appear in the search results, use Lightweight keywords does not matter.

3. the relevant Post – and create quality content. Make a unique and useful content, but do not come out of the main topic of the blog. And create links between the pages, so promoting each other between pages. If many pages that read the blog visitors then considered qualified.

4. Prepare ONPAGE SEO – e.g. such as optimizing the use of keywords at the Meta Title, Meta Description, etc., according to the results of the analysis of the keyword.

5. Indexing – while waiting for the posting you get on Google, you can share to social media so that such postings terindex faster by Google.

6. Do OFFPAGE SEO – for example can use backlink, backlink commenting AJAX pattern wheel/pyramid, submit it to social bookmarking, etc.

If I may say, 6 step is the essence of the basic SEO efforts. Dont ribet-ribet amat lah, even for beginners.

That is a bit heavy on the question of article writing and selling, as well as GOOGLE FRIENDLY so easily found by GOOGLE. Because after all, building a blog requires a determination to write.

Well, here's the challenge.

By the way, I am reminded of the lessons of Indonesian Language chapter FABRICATED, make pusyiing. Hahaha ...

Then, Should I Start From?
Well, after you read the reviews above, are now all back at you. If you want to learn on your own, You can learn to apply Basic SEO step 6 above consecutively and practice, practice, practice ...

Start by making a posting relevant and often-frequent practice by researching keyword. Because this is important to do.

And if you are really serious about wanting to hone the skill of SEO to build websites and earn revenue via online, find some references the following SEO MENTOR:

Joseph Shembah with his DOMINATION of SEO course – click here
Daffi Shaci from SaungSEO – click here
Knights of the course which hosted the Rashid Private SEO – click here
They are SEO practitioners who are already experienced and has flying hours long.

But if You've felt dizzy, yes dont hurt You also use the services of third party SEO services. Even so, it's good you understand the concept.

What is clear, there is no shortcut towards pejwan. That there is hard work, work smart, work and sincere ...

Well, hopefully the tips the steps how to SEO a website using this useful blog created temen-temen yaa. Please tell us in the comments field if you want to share about SEO.

Help me share this article so that more useful.

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