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How SEO Blog, This Can Make The Blog Make Money

Cheap SEO Blog how rousing? Fuck it tea?, it is an activity that we wake up from the beginning up to the main target. The visibility of our Blog is usually on the first page of google, if language gaulnya let "Pejwan" on page 1 of google for example.

But kok cheap festive? The intent is to a ny, SEO activity we do not need to spend too much money. But the results remain a maximum although usually somewhat longer by using this way. All back to we want to how to SEO Blog Cheap or Expensive Festive?.

Know The Core Of SEO To Determine

This Short Explanation We Believe So Successful SEO Barometer

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, if translated in depth, is a process performed optimally.

The ultimate goal is the visibility of our blog or site page in a search engine to its full potential, as any regular blog if its successful SEO blog could be "bear" (making money).

The above process words indirectly indicates to us that SEO blog is not something that fast. Because it requires seriousness, need the system, need pattern plan and certainly need continuous implementation.

And that's the real core of the SEO, has been tested and proven.
How the right SEO Blog largely determine

Paid SEO Is Not A Guarantee Of Better Than Cheap SEO Blog

Many of the components that we need to know in SEO blog, SEO can be easy if we hold the meaning of a "process" and will also be difficult if we stuck at keterburu buru's. Following the series of processes is the first in the SEO Way correct.

In fact, the perpetrator of a rousing way cheap SEO Blog could beat the offender paid SEO. Just because a large award against the name of a series of processes that build a system.

For further stated in SEO Planning (Planning SEO Activities).
Cheap SEO Blog how Festive it May

Start With Planning

When the first foray into the world of SEO, we feel that it is very difficult and very complicated. But in fact not too scary, quite enjoyable.

There are challenges in the process of How these cheap SEO Blog. Careful planning is able to scrape all of the challenges, not to mention something mysterious, if true in the planning.
Pyramida Patterns In SEO Techniques

Determine The Money Site

You know Pyramida? more easy we are to draw a triangle with only, for ease of understanding. Any wide triangle on both sides, still the top point is its peak, and that's Money Site.

In this planning, the start is by determining the peak, as the main blog at the end of the main keywords of our shooting will lead there.
Illustration Money Site and Linkages with the main keyword

Specify The Primary Keyword As The Original Plan

We demonstrated that we make, the Blog as a Money Site is, we specify keywords or keyword is "Belanjaqu Paytren".

After we rounded with the keyword "Belanjaqu Paytren" as a keyword into the main Money Site, then we put the keyword in our Tier I Blog, both Tier I or Tier I Internal External. What is a Tier I mean?

Tier I blog Externally and internally

Sustainer Blog Under The Summit (Money Site) Directly

The intent of konkritnya is to create a free Blog for Tier I internally, and menulislah in other people's sites for Tier I externally.

Remember to always include your main keyword Money Site and connect (Hyperlink) to our main Blog.
How many Tier I Blog we make?

In this case, there is no standard benchmark to determine how many Tier I Blog. But remember the basic pyramid picture perfect, not the reverse, that the pyramida cantilever below will always be bigger.

So that you don't feel confusion, especially a newbie in the world of SEO, it would be better if we look at the first image in the following illustration.

The Concept Of Pyramida On Tier Blog

From the picture above, we can draw the conclusion that the number of blogs on tier tier cantilever, should be a lot more.

If the number of blogs on Tier I is 3, then the blog on the Tier II recommended minimum amount to 9 blog, though it could be less, let alone more. Important each blog has quality content.

Remember also, specify keywords in Tier II, who would later link to Tier I.
Examples Of Keywords In The Tier II

Above has exemplified that Tier I keywords that lead to the Money Site ( is "Belanjaqu Paytren", then what sort of keywords in the Tier II?

We try to love the keyword instance in the Tier II is "become a seller on Belanjaqu Paytren" for example.

Enter a keyword and Link Blog Tier II right To Tier I

So, when you fill out the writing on the Blog Blog Tier II do not forget to include the keyword "Be Sellers in Belanjaqu Paytren" and link the keywords right into the Blog Tier I, thus forming pyramida.
Make Money Site For Great Pyramida We

Can This Be Done

The answer is very able, if we want to, that is to say? What we want to make the pyramida will be mutually supported propping up to the top (main site) us?, it depends on us.

That certainly is very cheap and easy, it only takes a short time.

For example, if the Blog Tier I amount to a 3, then a minimal blog on Tier II was, how much amount of blogs on the Tier III?, just use multiples of three, literally meaning 9 x 3 the result is at least 27 blogs in Tier III, learn again the picture above.
How many blogs are in Tier IV

If you wish to proceed to tier IV, how a minimal amount of blogs that should be made in this Tier?, the answer is 27 x 3 means there must be at least 81 Blog.

Why is this so? So pyramidanya becomes beautiful, not jomplang. Beautiful here means the results at its peak will be wonderful, and blog Summit will actually make money, aka money site, not just the mere mention of.
Real Cheap and proven, tested

These are very real as How SEO blogs are very cheap, because for the blog on the Tier that we make. Able to use the facilities free such as wordpress, blogger, and others.

Ready to make our blog into a "bear" blog, don't hesitate to do it this way, and feel its benefits.

Do you have a Website Online store the place to sell your own products, start your SEO wake up with this concept, good luck selling his online.

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