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Tutorial Blogger Blogspot a complete Novice To 2018

Tutorial Blogger Blogspot a complete Novice To 2018
Blogger.com is a service for creating blogs for free which is pretty easy to use.

In Indonesia the blogger service is also called as blogspot because the blog address is blogger.com used blogspot.com

Although the blogger service is easy to use, but the name of the new beginners learn blogging occasionally still feel hard and ribet.

Well the reason is because there is no harm if I made this specifically for blogger tutorial blogger beginner.

My hope, the tutorial I wrote below can give a bit of enlightenment for the beginner blogger buddy just learning blogging at Blogger.com.

Why choose Blogger.com?

Indeed apart from the actual blogger.com are still many other blogging service that can be used, but most of the Bloggers Indonesia prefer blogger.com.

Here are some of the reasons:

Because it's free no doubt
Easy to use, very suitable for beginners
A hefty feature complete
Can be used to make money from blog
Safe and reliable because the blogger is one of Google's services
And other.

How to create a Blog at Blogger.com

The first thing to do is of course to create a blog at blogger.com

For information about how to create a blog at blogger.com is very easy.

The PAL need first is a Google account. I am sure my friend already have a Google account.

If not, please create a Google account first. do I read here.

If his or her Google account is ready, just listened to the following steps:

First login to https://blogger, com uses Google accounts belonging to PAL.
    After login, PAL will be given two options profile you want to be shown. The first option with the print profile Google + Blogger profile, the latter is limited.

The recommendations I just select the first option is to print your Google profile +.

If PAL has made Google profile +, PAL can go straight to step number 3, but if not, please click the "create a Google profile +" and create a Google profile + first.

  1. Click "proceed to Blogger"  
  2. Click "new Blog" to create a new blog
  3. Input the blog title, blog address, and select blog theme, then click "create blog!"
  4. The blog's been so. To see the blog PAL staying button click "view blog"

 Understanding the menus in Blogger

After my friend managed to make the next dude blog, need to understand the existing menus in blogger.com.

These menus are very important to understand because it can make it easier to maintain the blog PAL PAL going forward.

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Menus in blogger is located on the left on the dashboard.

Below is the full explanation about these menus:

A list of blogs that are owned
    On the left top of the PAL can choose a list of blogs that have if PAL PAL makes more than 1 blog.
    The "new entry"
    On the right side menu of the blog list is a button to create a new article or post
    The posting
    Menu to display a list of all the articles that are on the blog PAL
    Menu to display blog statistics like the number of PAL visitors, number of pageviews, visitors, and other sebagainnya.
    Menu to display a list of all the incoming comments to a blog friend.
    This special menu create a PAL who wants to mempremosikan blog PAL through Google AdWords (must ngeluarin duit)
    Menu to create and display a list of all static pages that are on the blog PAL. Description of a static page under
    The Layout Of The
    Here is where my friend set up the layout of the blog PAL and also a place to put up a blog like widgets widget widget, or popular articles of followers.
    Themes (formerly called templates)
    Here is the place to change the template or blog theme buddy. Additionally PAL can also directly edit the blog template buddy on this menu.
    Place settings blog PAL. If PAL wants to replace the blog title, change your address, or changing the language the blog then this menu is the place to be.

In addition to the menus above actually still there is one menu again, only the menu is not displayed by default for the blog-blog speaking in Indonesia.

How To Post Article

After my friend managed to make a blog, next thing to do is start PAL fill the blog with your buddy or post articles.

How to post an article on your own blogger can say very easily. Basically almost the same as writing an email.

Tips And Tricks On How To Write A Good Article And True

If PAL is already accustomed to writing an email then to do a post article on blogger is not a difficult thing to learn.

But if my friend had never written an email then it means PAL bener-bener gaptek. But don't worry because there is no word too late to learn.

The following are the steps:

The first PAL must login first to "bloggers"
    If you already logged in, now live click on the button "new entry":
    Next PAL will be directed to the page editor's article on blogger. 


The title of the article
    The content of the article
    Menu to change the color of the text, the font size, upload pictures and videos, etc.
    The format of the postings. Just select Compose for beginners
     Labeled postings. More explanation
    The date the article was written
    Permanent link.
    Location of PAL when writing an article. not mandatory
     A few other options that can be selected
    Button to publish the article PAL
    Button to save the articles to the Draft
    Preview before posting to be published 4. After buddy a little familiar with the menus on the editor's article on blogger, after that write apa aja living who wanted PAL wrote.

5. Click the button "publish" If the article is finished.

6. Now the writing PAL is already online and can be read by many people:

Well it turns out that writing an article on blogger very easy really isn't it?

How To Create Static Pages

Static pages are basically almost similar like the post, it's just that has its own functions and difference.

One simple example of the use of the features of this page is to create such a page about me, Contact me, Disclaimer, etc.

How To Install The Widget

Widget or Gadget is called blogger.com in a content in the blog in addition to articles on a blog. This widget is usually located on the sidebar of the blog.

Widgets in the blog can be installed, removed, and also dipindah-pindah is appropriate. In addition to these optional nature widget, there should be posted on the blog. So my friend could make a blog without installing a widget at all.

The following are the steps to install a widget or gadget on blogger:

1. the first would have been used to login to the "Blogger"

2. After login, go to the "Layout"

3. Well here PAL can add the widget by clicking on the "add a Gadget"

4. In blogger.com already provided some of the gadgets that are ready to be installed. Of course buddy is not mandatory to install everything. Simply select the widgets that are really needed.

Any widget that needs to be installed?

Most beginner bloggers usually too excessive in will place his/her widget in blogger. many consider if more and more widgets are installed on the blog then blog will be more cool. But the reality is actually sebalikanya.

The fewer widgets installed on your blog it will be getting a good deal. The reason is because if installing too many widgets will make confused visitors, it also will make loading the blog is getting old.

The following are some recommendations widget that should be installed on the blog:

Popular Entries Widget
Widget Label
Widget Archives
Widget Profile

In addition to the widget-widget, there is one more widget which is quite often used in blogger widget, i.e. the HTML/JavaScript.

The function of this widget to add widgets using HTML code and also JavaScript. Generally used for installing third-party widget (widget instead of blogger.com) and also to put up banner ads.

How To Replace Or Install A Template

One of the cool features that is in blogger is we can change the templates or the look of our blog as you wish.

In blogger.com already provided some template-the default templates to choose from, other than that buddy can also use third-party templates which are already scattered across the internet.

Well most likely PAL will prefer to use third party template because the template already provided the average blogger is ugly and too simple.

Continue to how to change the template on my blog?

Please note the following:

1. Looking for a blogger template

Now to rename the template or blog theme with a third-party template, the first thing to do is look for friend template blogger to be downloaded.

Out there a great many bloggers template provider, tens and even hundreds, of which free until paid.

To find the template provider simply search on google with keywords like this: "Template" or "Blogger Free Blogger templates Blogger Template" or "cool" etc.

2. extract the files to a template

The template file that you later PAL download generally in the format .zip or. rar.

To set it up on the blog PAL need to extract the files.

Do I like the picture below:

After its extracted later in it there is a file with the extension .XML file, well that's what later will buddy pairs to blogger.

Here are the steps to install the template into your blog:

Login to "bloggers"
     Click the "themes"
     Click the "Backup/Restore"
    Before installing templatenya, first click on the button "Download theme" for mendownlod template that is being used as a backup/backup.
    If templatenya already in the backup, then click "Choose File" and select a new template that would like to mate pairs.
    The last live click the button "Upload"

That's roughly how to install blog template correctly. Very simple and don't wear ribet.

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