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Tips On Choosing A Good Template For Blogger

Tips On Choosing A Good Template For Blogger
Have you felt confused in choosing the template for your blog site? If I may hazard a guess every blogger that actually writing hobby certainly never felt perplexed in determining a suitable template for your blog site. I also feel the same "the confusion of choosing templates ". But we have to realize that every template designer is also an ordinary human who is full of flaws, his logic if a template designer just has a lot of disadvantages, one more creation or design templates they create.

Things to be aware of before choosing a Template Blogger

Responsive - Google highly recommends that every website/blog template with the responsive (Mobile Friendly), this is google's efforts in ensuring user comfort,.

Data structure - strive your template does not have a defect or error at the time of testing data structure testing tool. Error data structures can indeed in hide in several ways, but certainly it's not a good solution.

Meta tags - meta Tag is an HTML or XHTML programming language that serves as a giver of meta information data from a web page. Generally the meta tag is placed on the tag "head " template. Meta tags provide information about description, publisher, author and social media used to search engines (searchers) like google.

SEO Templates - Seo template into the size of every person in the select template blogger, on his general all templates geratis type just about anything has a landmark between 60 to 70 seo if the best value is 100. So, the actual seo Optimization is not just purely on the template, but the dwarf in the writing and some of the featured advocates blog site such as google, bing sitemap sitemap and yandex, google analytics then robots.txt and others.

Speed - Speed pemutan (loading) should also be taken into account, this is also a major factor to determine a site is good or bad. Speed test can be in the template by using the online tools like or more. Good site loading speed is 70 over landmark. Berpengerauh loading speed on a good site's reputation in the eyes of search engines as well as in the eyes of the pengunjng site.

Layout - even though I put the element layout (look) on the last point, please do not sepelekan this layout problem. Because this could be be the most important part when choosing a template. Guided by the giant websites such as google, yahoo and facebook they have the same characteristics in terms of appearance. The styling is attractive, yet not simlpe to use many colors, not many animations and position a menu that is easy to understand.

Still discussing about the look of the template, use cool template colors seen eyes and style of letters that are common with large letters between 15px to 17 px. Display templates like this strategy very well implemented on a website, because if we choose a template that is tacky and too much animation, unsure whether site visitors will be shocked and lose taste to read, so they move to other sites.

If you still feel confused choosing a suitable template for your site, I also have some collection of templates that may be suitable for you please look here, and a few from me about tips on choosing a suitable template for your blog site, complete ....!

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