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Tips Improve/Add To Index Your Blog/Website On Google

One of the factors of SEO your blog is the most important thing is the number of web pages your blog terindex in google. The more pages that are getting good SERP, terindex you on Google. The page that will appear later terindex when there are people looking for relevant key words.

Please note, that the Googlebot (Google's Crawler Robots) do crawling (crawl) on your site every day. You can view the status of crawling your website/blog in Google Webmaster Tools > > Crawl Crawl Stats

This is how google crawl to know the pages that are on your website, then mengindeksnya (added to the search results). However, not all pages will be indexed/terayap shown to the search results. Only certain pages the Google qualified will be indexed to its search engine.

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You can view the status of your indexing in google search engine through Google webmaster tools Google index > > Index status.

Total indexed indicated by the blue line is the total number of pages of your existing website in google's search data. While Blocked by robots was a page in the block by your robots.txt file is not indexed by Google.

Pages that are indexed in this transform the foxes each time, depending on the performance and content of our website/blog. When there is an update algorithm, usually there will be a change that is not usually on the amount of indexing. Sometimes decline, or even go up drastically. This depends on you using SEO techniques. If you wear a Black hat SEO, be prepared to receive a penalty in the form of a drastic reduction in the number of your index. In fact it could be your website not indexed again.

Well, so that the total index your website increase significantly and resistant to update that occurs, there are several things you can do for it.

1. Multiply the quality content
Of course, the first is used to expand the content of your website. However, your content should also be qualified. Remember, not all of which google will crawl is indexed. In addition to quality content will also be a decoy visitors to visit your site.

2. Sitemap
Your website must have a sitemap to google webmaster disubmit (Google webmaster tools > Crawl > Sitemaps). This will make it easier to google sitemaps to do the crawl and show that you are serious. A great type of sitemap is a XML sitemap.

3. Increase Internal-Linking
Internal linking is effective will allow googlebot to crawl your site. Internal links this could relate gratitude as the entrance to the pages to be indexed by google. So, the more internal links, googlebot crawl faster and it can be a value added for indexing.

4. Clean the Detected duplicate content On Webmaster
In google webmaster tools, features of HTML improvement/development of HTML (GWT > Search HTML > appearance improvement) which detects or no duplicate content on your website. Duplicate content occur if different pages on your website have the same meta description or title. To fix this, you can read this post.

5. use structured Data (Structured Data)
Google webmaster tools features structured data to help the googlebot recognize the content on your website. Structured data this will tell you if the search engine can't detect information of your content such as who the author, date, title, description and so on. To fix it you can read this post.

6. Submit Pages Manually with features of the US Google Fetch (Fetch As Google)
Another feature of google webmaster tools is that you can be "instructed" the googlebot to crawl your web pages in accordance with the url that you enter. This can multiply your blog index if that page is not automatically crawled by google. Features of fetch us google it you can use via Google webmaster tools > Crawl > fetch us Google.
That's 6 ways you can do to improve your web status index in google search engine. Have an opinion? don't hesitate to share it in a comment:). Hopefully useful!

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