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This is Dangerous If You Sleep less than 6 hours per day

This is Dangerous If You Sleep less than 6 hours per day
How many hours do you spend the time to sleep at night? Whether six, seven or even eight hours?

If you sleep less than six hours in a day, it's good to start changing the habits of this one. Due to lack of sleep has adverse impact, more than you might imagine.

Ideally, every human being advised to sleep seven to nine hours. But in between the bustle and activity of the solid, it is difficult to be realized. Therefore, six hours so the minimum hours of sleep you should fill.

"If you sleep less than six hours every night, you're really in trouble. Ideally is seven and a half hours to eight hours, "said Lois Krahn, M.D., a sleep expert from the Mayo Clinic to Vogue.

These rules set out the medical world is not without reason. There are many studies that prove the bad impact of lack of sleep in humans.

People who lack sleep up to two hours proved difficult to focus on work. They are also slower in remembering something.

You who sleep less than six hours overnight high risk exposed to diabetes, depression, stroke, heart disease, and cancer. In addition, waist circumference you also easily widened, aka easy fat.

How can that be?

While a lack of sleep, unwittingly, people tend to love to eat sugary foods and fatty foods. This signal is delivered the body to replace the energy lost due to lack of sleep.

It also makes hormones so unbalanced and the immune system is compromised, making you vulnerable to fever. Because of the lack of focus, a lack of sleep even lead on things far more dangerous.

 "Various studies around the world found that the number of accidents increased in the first week after someone's lack of sleep for an hour, " said Krahn.

The riders are tired and sleepy certainly could harm the safety of the passengers, isn't it?

Indeed, not all people experience this.  "One to two percent of people can function well with hours of sleep less than six hours, but the rest don't. A lot of us it's hard to focus when lack of sleep, we could behave in impulsive, reactive, and not impetuous, without realizing it at all, "he said.

So, already understand how important enough sleep at night?

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