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The Easy Way To Create Articles In Order To Be SEO Friendly

The Easy Way To Create Articles In Order To Be SEO Friendly
The easy way to create articles in order to make seo friendly articles is at the core of success from a page of the website so it takes a special trick to make the article so seo friendly so that dominate in the search results page or the SERP (Search Engine Result Page ). Think of all the seo elements already exist in your site ranging from templates, meta tags, the data validation structur to domains and ssl is in compliance with the methods and concepts of seo. But that alone is not enough because the content/article that became the main benchmark so that many sites dominate the search results page.

How to make SEO Friendly article?

Remember you are still about 350 Word articles and 500 words? Many people misunderstand about this so that even though the article made a number of words contains more than that still not seo friendly. A correct understanding about 350 words article is an article that contains a sufficient number of words with complete discussion in order for the article to be seo friendly. Each paragraph should contain an explanation in this regard is very close to the title and description of the article.

Example: the title of this article's "the easy way to create articles in order to make SEO Friendly " then less relevant if in insert paragraph that tells a very long blogging experience.

 Best Practice Articles In Order To Make SEO Friendly

  • Avoid writing content that is very similar to existing articles
  • The correct spelling of each word (ex: points and point) for the English article is points.
  • Create the concept properly before writing an article, example: Title > description or summary of the supporting points > > Core content articles > Attach sample application Method > (for tutorial articles) then a little paragrap cover.
  • Try the article title and description contain main keyword
  • Each paragraphs contains a dense and clear discussion of the (descriptive)
  • The article contains a discussion of which has been completed.

Berdasrkan analysis of the experience of the article containing a discussion of the solid and definitely will create unexpected keyword variations and concerns that will direct visitors to visit or see your article so that the article will be more automated SEO friendly.

Some of the articles from this site instead received a visit instead of the keywords that have been targeted by the careful keyword research but from the keyword which is still related. Once learned it turns right article containing a discussion of the solid, clear and complete more seo friendly (gives a good influence against the site) in the serp.

Make URLs more easily understood searchers

On the blogger platform was indeed using the url text however other platforms might not. A URL that uses text and descriptive nature will give pengruh against seo article. It is advisable to include the keyword in the url of the article.

Use the url address that contains text and contains a keyword will provide more information to the user about the article content than the url with id.

Using Alternative Text on images

If the article contains pictures that are presented then add alt text in order to make the article more seo serp, alt text would help searchers identify content presented on the Web page.

I think this is sufficient as a basis for beginners optimize content articles to make it easier to appear in search results or old serp. If you want to learn more about how to optimize the content or article on the serp, I will show you a single page is complete, easy to understand and reliable for seo optimization of websites and content. [See Detail]

Such an explanation of the  "the easy way to create articles in order to make seo friendly " may this article useful and help you implement seo in an article, good luck and see you again. Follow this site by email to obtain information about the basics of blogging and seo blogger.

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