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The Conditions For Participating In The AdSense Program

The Conditions For Participating In The AdSense Program
 The Conditions For Participating In The AdSense Program

The blog must have criteria in order to receive party review on google adsense, many blogs are rejected due to eligibility.

To participate in AdSense as publishers, a blog must be in accordance with the terms and policies that have been agreed upon by the parties in the google adsense as an organizer.

Especially the bloggers Indonesia, should not be too hastily in a hurry to apply to google adsense. Note the completeness that is supposed to become an absolute requirement for a blog, the blog does indeed matter and to prepare specifically for google adsense.

Because the purpose of adsense is serve ads from a product to a wider audience with the blog as a medium. (for special videos that youtube ads in monetize)

The same question ever in the natural bloggers, why your blog has not been well received in adsense? for that I update the article about how a blog so google adsense completely accepted, without tone should feel "controversy" because of the problems of rejection and denial again after asking a review of your blog.

If you want to get regular adsense account or account of a non hosted which you can plug in all kinds of blogs you should use a TLD domain. You can get domain to the domain service provider with a relatively inexpensive price.

Or you just simply updating the custom domains, especially those wearing flatform blogger (blogspot).

But if you just want to get google adsense account hosted, you can simply use a free blog like blogspot.

For the article this time I just update it and give the addition of things that should be noted about the feasibility of a blog in participating to become publisher adsense.

Create a new blog (blogspot) or you can use your old blog
    Pay attention to the age or the age of the blog
    Register your blog after 3 months (for the new blog), in certain cases it could be more than 3 months or 6 months depending on the content of the posts in the blog.
    Create material posting a lot in search/berguna for a crowd

Create a 1 niche blogs alone do not make posts that diverse or various kinds of categories. For example, you create a blog that discusses tourism, write articles related to tourism.

Or you can look for the article in accordance with your skills that not many other people are discussed.
Blog with Niche that has not been much in the review thus much chance to be accepted, as long as it also meets the requirements and policies of google adsense.

 Other Ancillary Terms So That In The Submission Received In Google Adsense

Using template bawan from blogger or you can use other templates that do not use read more. Purpose is to make the posts could be read all overall.
    Don't forget to write Your blog the task, the task is located on the blogger dashboard > settings-settings-Basic.

        Example: a Blog that discusses about the environment and tourism.
    Fill in the Search Preferences (Meta tags) to your blog, that is located on the dashboard of the blogger-settings-settings-Search Preferences. The contents of the search words, a maximum of 140 characters (letters).
    Pairs well with blog navigation, such as the popular post widgets, related articles, and the menu widget when needed only.
    Create an about me page, privacy policy and disclaimer on your blog.
    Register and verify your blog to google webmaster.
    After that offers site map (sitemap) of your blog to google webmaster too.

Things That Should Be Avoid In Signing Up For Google Adsense

    Do not install an active link to the other blog pages.
    Do not first install widgets like histats, alexa rank and the like in their submission to google adsense.
    Don't let the blog comment spam, if by chance you already have blog commentary, don't leave blog comments put the link on the comments. If necessary moderation column comments. Delete comments that add an active link.
    No error page not found out at (404) on google webmaster, check before you submit the registration of google adsense.

This version is the latest and most updated in this blog, considering still being one of the bloggers who want to register a blog to google adsense. Hope this article is useful.

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