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Lessons In Starting A Business

Not long ago, my wife and started on a small business in the field of beverages. In this prime business experience, there are a few lessons I get related business.

Starting from the preferred
One of the advice I've ever heard about starting a business is, start from the things that we like.

However, I still have trouble finding something I liked and could dibisniskan. Somehow my clutter the dude or what. Long story short, I did not start-start.

Up in one afternoon, I realized if I had a habit of njajan bottled coffee drinks. My hobbies and freak really get some coffee, to the extent that I am immune effects of meleknya the same coffee. Masio, how many get some coffee if ya sleepy lullaby.

Keep, I rembugan the same wife (me, not the neighbor's wife) ... gimana ya if we were selling a drink like this.

Long story short, we began looking for information and reference supplier. And we also started running a business this drink with a market share of friends and visitors car free day.

I am not good at ngitung, thus God I ngasih couples that hooked ngitung. And after dihitung-hitung, it turns out we can fortunately, thank God.

Start small first
A famous physician named Madam Erot  once said, "all that is great, initially small "

Similarly in the business. It turns out that for a start, we are quite a departure from the small first. Small production scale, small market, small volume.

The importance of the road first.

Start aja ....
I once read a quote written on the photo of a deceased businessman famous for Indonesia with nyentrik style, using short-sleeve shirt and hot pants.

His writings here,  "a good Business is run, not ditanyain mulu. "

Yes that's what we did. We started. Fear, worry tercoreng there is also a good name (dikatain basket, sales, etc.). But after it turned out that all the fears and concerns really happened.

I am in the word in the same basket of my friends.

 Shy at first, but I am strong-nahan kuatin shame. He said, if anyone ngetawain us, then we should be laughing louder (don't ask who's words). So, seeing as I can not change reality as Thanos with Reality Stone him, then I tried to change my perception about the identity of a basket.

Rather than reject the term, I choose to accept and bear that title with pride (lah kate lapo maneh).

Be me with my new identity as a basket.

 For you who are now more willing to start a business the controversy, I dont have any advice for you. Ngingetin aja cuman, business activity is helping people who are paid.

So, try to answer honestly. Does business that will you begin this nolongin or nyusahin people.

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