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Learning SEO for beginners Complete 2018

Learning SEO is something that can be confusing for the beginner, so felt the need to make guidelines that can guide the beginner blogger friends to do SEO in stages. Expected you can learn SEO more easily if you do gradually from this SEO tutorial.


Before you begin it's good you know what is SEO. SEO is an acronym for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or search engine optimization. Simply to say that SEO is all the efforts made to make our web pages into the search engine rankings on the desired.

The purpose of doing SEO is of course to get traffic from the search engines themselves. Why people are looking for traffic?

The reason is that traffic has a commercial value, or potential business. So people spend time learning SEO is largely due to economic reasons, i.e. the search for income from his website.

The biggest problem of people who are willing to learn SEO quickly so the master but does not want to through the process. If you have a way of looking like that, then it's good you throw it, because the way of looking like that will get you spinning in place.

You should want to through the process in learning SEO correctly, if you want to succeed. Take 1 to 2 months ahead to do every step correctly.

The first step you have to do is to understand the workings of search engines. Those who are not familiar with the workings of search engines will tend to think SEO optimization does not work, and they stop in the middle of the road. So here I recommend you read the related articles below.

To give you a deeper shade of the whole process of learning SEO in the future, I would also recommend you read the article below, for SEO you can find trouble if you do not see the correlation of things explained in the following article.

The last; in your efforts to understand SEO and how search engines work; You should get acquainted with 3 Google algorithm is most often a topic in the SEO world. You need to know this so that you don't break the limits that could have a substantial penalty in your SEO optimization later.

2 MATERIAL: creating a BLOG with LOTS of NICHE or ONE NICHE

Niche or topic is something you notice when you learn SEO to create a website or blog. Niche is a market or a specific market. As an example; automotive and culinary is a different niche. In one such Niche automotive it is niche-specific niche again, like cars, motorcycles, racing, etc.

Every niche has different levels of difficulty, and market. There are many things you need to consider if you want to create a website with a lot of niches, and therefore I invite you to read the article below.


Once you learn what is SEO and how Search engines work; You also have learned the limitations of algorithms that you should pay attention, the next step is to know the keyword terms. The key word is something that was typed by users of Google when searching for something.

As an example of a website that sells the camera want to master the keyword: ONLINE SELLING cameras, and many more other keyword variations. One thing that is a problem is not all the keywords that have the number of searches is great, so you have to determine what keywords become the main target of your SEO optimization.

2 things that are quite common in effect keyword is:
  • The shorter, then also the harder competition
  • Hard competition does not determine the value of commercial keywords. So try looking for commercial keywords that have yet to recognize a lot of people (competition)

More fully the issue of keyword research, you can read the article here


Once you know what is a keyword, and what keywords you want, the next step is knowing how to use these keywords in your website. If you are wrong in putting it down, then it could be that you have to work harder to win over those keywords.

Please you learn SEO onpage below. Maybe you need a little knowledge of HTML to do so. If you have any problem in doing editing, you can sign in to the forums by bloggers on facebook and ask, or even ask for help edits.


After you fix the pages of your website, the next step is to add your online reputation on the internet. You can add the authority of your domain or web pages by adding backlinks to your web page.

A backlink is a link or a link on another Web page, which if clicked will open the page of optimized website. The more backlinks are obtained, it will be more and more resource points required to get the ranking.

This is the most difficult process when you learn SEO, because it requires so much technique and variants can also be very time consuming. I highly recommend you learn how to get a backlink from the articles below.


Of course you need the tools to help you get important data when doing SEO optimization. I provide free tools only, as most bloggers do not want to pay dearly if they are not sure how to use it, and whether it really is pointless.

So please read the article carefully, so that you know how to use these tools properly.

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