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Interesting Fact Tour Raja Ampat

Interesting Fact Tour Raja Ampat
RaBiitch OOO - Can not be denied, Raja Ampat of West Papua is a tourist location that is currently more hype, both among local tourists and foreign tourists. Well, the popularity of the Raja Ampat does not escape from the landscape. Therefore, this time the IDN Times would know ngasih you another reason why you should to Raja Ampat as holiday destinations. For the record Yes explanation!

1. in the view of the beautiful Piaynemo
The scenery that you see above Piaynemo make pendakianmu to reach the top of a really terbayarkan. Once you reach the top of the Hill, you will be spoiled with views of Java. The clear blue sea and the expanse of the tosca Islands small scattered rocks down there. Cool, ' right?

2. Diving among beautiful coral expanse
Arguably, Raja Ampat is one of the best diving spots in the world. If you think a swim with a funny fish and turtles, Raja Ampat provides a smorgasbord of colorful corals that you can not miss. Yep, Raja Ampat is home to 75% of coral species that exist in this world.

3. The population is friendly
In Raja Ampat, the choice of where to stay there are only two, namely the resorts and homestay. IDN Times itself suggests that we live in a homestay with the locals. The reason, besides can feel the authentic atmosphere, you may also want information on Raja Ampat are possibly can not you meet on the internet.

In addition, the local population is very friendly and gladly accept thee. They will always greet you with a smile. The local people of Papua will also help you if you need help to mengekplor the natural landscape around Raja Ampat.

4. Sunset views are matchless
Yes, a resident of Raja Ampat is people who are fortunate to be able to witness the sunset views are so beautiful. One of the best spot to watch the sunset over there is Saonek Monde.

Tiny island hidden in Raja Ampat is only 10 minutes by speedboat from Waisai Times. So up there, you'll run out of words to witness one of the best sunset of your life.

5. Natural and well maintained
Though both are located in Indonesia, it took time and effort to get to the Raja Ampat. The plane from Jakarta heading to Slide alone already takes four hours, not to mention must cross using a boat that takes many hours.

But there are positive things behind its difficult to be seen. At a time, not so many tourists that come to it, thus making it suitable for you who need quiet. Not surprised if its still beautiful and well maintained. Just look at its crystal clear water. Make you want to linger there not anyway?

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