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How to make SEO articles in order to Appear in the first page of Google

How to make SEO articles in order to Appear in the first page of Google
An awful lot of the beginner blogger who complained with the article do not appear in the first page of a google search. When they checked on google, they don't find their articles don't even terindex article.

Actually when finished posting the article, the article automatically terindex with google, but it will be longer terindexnya.

This is due to a new article that we post are not in the know by google. In the end they are desperate and do not proceed to blogging. This thing I've ever experienced it when first slid into the world of blogging, and I am almost despairing when my blog doesn't show up in google searches.

How do we post new articles directly terindex google? Hmmm.. check out this Article Yes continues. You will find the solution so that your article appears in google.

Articles that appear in the first page of it is very important to improve the traffic of a blog, Why so? This is because almost all internet users now rely on search engines to find articles from a variety of web. well therefore they wanted their articles are at the top, and they have to compete with the web.

To bring up the articles on the first page of google is very difficult, and it is very easy if you already know how to make the kind of article that sniper scope in competition title and key words in targeting him. OK just see this article good good yeah

Tips so that Articles are on the front page of Google

1. Determine a unique article title

Before you specify the title of your article to make it more unique and is the first page of google, the title is the most important part for your blog. Why should be unique and interesting? because google will love the unique and exciting titles, and later you will be able to attract a lot of visitors due to the existence of a unique title.

For example:
I made a posting with the title's "Tips on how Blogging "
Then I made it again with the title's "easy Blogging Tips in 30 minutes "
Well from both the title above which is the most unique and interesting?

Yes obvious title that both the most interesting. Why is this so? This is because the title of the latter provide value and benefits to visitors, by adding a  "easily in 30 min ". that makes unique is the word's "easily in 30 min ".

In addition to the title of this interesting and unique things that should exist in the article title:

The words are dijudul at least 15 words or less.
Standards to make public at least titles more or less as it is and has been the most effective. Example:  "how to make the article debuted the first page of google's" has 8 words right? This highly effective once:D

-The title should be clear and Relavan
Of course it should be clear and relavan, this is because in order for visitors interested in meng-kliknya. Just try it if the article title is not clear alias gaje? visitors don't want to click on it. Karna dya think its title alone is not clear, what more the article. well here's an example of a title that is not clear. for example:
  • Make blogger
  • five people shock
  • five of the dead in the way
  • and so on
- Create A Title Problem Solver

The title that communicates this very effective and beneficial. Because this can boost your blog visitors.

- Enter a keyword in the title

This keyword is very important for the title, there are two reasons:
  • First, the title of the post to form the URL and can allow the search engine rankings in.
  • Second, web search often download scan widely the content containing the keyword in question. for example like this:
- Use The Number In The Title
Well the use of numbers on more effective than the words/letters. This is because it will make readers or visitors are increasingly intrigued by the content of your article.

- Use correct Punctuation and appropriate EYD
Lots of punctuation that can be used, including dot, comma, question, and so on. For example, I take the example of making a title with a comma (,)  "how to create good articles, unique, and interesting ".

Hmm surely you already know, and does not need to be in to explain again yes hehehe ...

2. Placing and determining good keywords
Placing and determining good keywords

place keywords one deciding factor to be the first page of google. Error in placing keywords in this article was terrible, because Search engine spiders rely on exactly put a very specific keyword. Not just article quality alone that determines good or bad in the search engines, but also keywords which determines. Well if you want to be on the first page of the Article, you need to determine your page and optimize for the keyword target. But how do you find and determine the key word?

yaps ... by using the tool. the following tools to find keywords:

-Google Search auto suggestion, we can find him using google search this Example below:
Or you can also wear this Sugest
-Free keyword suggestion tool, this tool we can use to display keywords in certain months.

and many other tools. Please can you be searching on google.

If you've found the keywords, you now need to put these keywords into your posts, so that the articles are most front page.

Here's how put the keyword article correctly:

Title Tag, is a great place in placing keywords. well the title tag is the first time the search engines index your keywords. so it is entirely your loss if you don't give the title tags with your keywords.
Descriptions, most people before clicking on links you post on search engines, then the visitors read the description in the first page of google. therefore give a unique and interesting description of yaa.
Content, putting keywords in the content is extremely complicated, and difficult. I just still studying with my friends on facebook how to place keywords in the content of the article. hehehe you can learn, by learning everything will certainly can.
Links to Internal Links, make it as brief as possible, but contain your keywords. Google the heck suggested creating an internal link 2-3 words from the url of which keywords are weighted.

3. Write Content that is good and true
It is one of the main keys you should look. Capital one also content that visitors stay at home in our blogs. How to write good content is becoming the orientation for all bloggers to increase your ranking in google's search engine or page of the google page. The following is the writing good content and true:

Avoid regional language users, one that should be avoided is the language of the region. Why is this so? Your content can be searched by everyone. Not all people understand the language of your area.
HIDARI Slang, you should use language that is good and right, so that it can be understood by the readers or visitors, thus avoid slang.
Using a common language, the content is good and true is a language that can be understood by the public kalayak.
Using the Keyword this, keyword LSI did not lose mentingnya in writing the content properly. Before what is LSI? LSI stands for Latent Semantic Index, which is one of the features in adoption by google's search engine.

For reference you can read this: 8 Tips for writing Content properly.

4. Submit articles to Webmaster Tools
If you've made the postings and want to quickly search engine by terindex, then you should download the submitnya to the webmaster tools. whether bing webmaster tools, google and so on. This is because terindexnya will be faster if you mensubmitnya to the webmaster tools. If already terindex in search engines you are Posting insyallah page first, but if it meets the requirements of the previous ones I've discussed:p.

How do I download the submit articles to Webmaster Tools?

-The first way, you can directly submit the entire contents of your website with the sitemap.
Sign into webmaster tools here the name of your website to enter the management page.
Click the menu of the Crawl-> then Sitemap.
Click the add button to sitemaps and then input the url sitemap of your blog. For the blogger platform - the second way, input your articles one by one – one Visit this address:
Then login with your account
Input the Url of your new article post last
input captcha code then submit

How do I know the article Terindex or not?

To know this, you can do some checking in search engines with the command "Site: article URLs ". Ex like this:

Well So the point so that the article we are on the first page of google is determining the unique title of the article, placing and determining good keywords, write good Content and interesting article, and after you've been in your post should submit your new article to Webmaster tools. So Tips on how to Make the first page of Google Article, hopefully this article was helpful for you. Please share yaa, and don't forget to add a comment if anything less with this article

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