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How To Make The Page Easy To Index By Google

How To Make The Page Easy To Index By Google
How to index a website in google – there are a few steps that we can begin to create a website in google's index with this quick and easy. You have to understand first some information which I will provide below related on how to speed up index page in google. Here are some things to be aware of in order to make the website easy terindex.

Ensure Long and Weighted Content

Yes, the first one you do is check back if the article you wrote already have a score above average. To determine the score article, you can use several tools to check quality content "here".

Content length will also determine the quality of a website or a blog easy to index. Google will send a robot-robotnya to crawl all over our site. So, make sure that also the navigation, content articles, the sidebar should be complete.
Easy On The Google Index Because The Age Website

If agan already understand how to write quality content, then it is time agan must ascertain whether web agan already or not. To find out, agan also can use some tools that are widely distributed on the internet. Typically, the age of the website will affect the indexing in search engines. So, make sure the web agan already more than 6 months. The website was also going to be very influential in the world of seo. Speed up google's index will also be influential to the visitor and agan blog will have many visitors.
Submit A Sitemap In Google Webmaster

Just ignore the sitemap Yes, sitemap is one indicator that the Web we have a clear map. The site map or our sitemap can also submit in accordance with the characteristics of a website. To specify the google index the website on page one, then agan also need to pay attention to the map of the site agan. How do you do? Maybe someday I will explain.
The Influence Of The Share To Social Media

Social media can also be used as a reason to crawl or index is faster on google. The reason for this is because if the more visitors that come to your website, it will facilitate the robot to recognize sites agan. Therefore agan can share to facebook, twitter, google + pinterest, and some other social media.

To be able to be on page one of google we need some assistance above and how we can use is also very easy. I will try to share how to manual in order to index terindex google. Here's an explanation that might help agan-agan everything.
How to speed up to Google to Index a new Blog

How to I give this could become one of the references to agan. It is very proven, just in a matter of 15 minutes, the web page will appear in the agan google. Therefore, a good hard look at it.
  1. Open your browser to the site then agan index manual in
  2. Enter web agan include with http://
  3. Please fill in the appropriate responses by Keyword which agan want
  4. After that, add the URL
  5. After you add a URL, it will pop up a notice and re-enter web agan
  6. Captcha check
  7. Then SUBMIT A URL
When you're done doing the manual index, the website agan haven't really perform in search engines. There are a few more to help agan did, that uses tools following pingler and infonya:
  1. Open a Browser and enter this url
  2. Then Fill Title Match Keyword
  3. Enter the Url of the web or blog agan
  4. Check category
  5. the contents of the Captcha
  6. Then, Ping!
  7. Completed
Well, if agan do properly, then google will index the website agan quickly and within a few minutes, keyword agan will appear on google. But, it should be remembered, usually to determine indexnya Sapphire should also use site: and if the mean site agan already to index well.

That's how brief can you do in order to be on page one on google and this way you can also make for a new blog. Hopefully this article beneficial ya and good luck. Don't forget to support our services by providing positive things in the comments field. Thank You.

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