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How To Make A Blog Site Quickly Received Adsense? Please Follow These Steps

How fast in thank google adsense tips-this time so quickly received adsense already many scattered and most of these tips just a suggestion which is either true or not but I believe 75% adsense tips is true and real. because the articles are written by people who already have more experience in google adsense.

After learning more about google adsense not a few bloggers are adsense and insistence on pursuing and losing focus to writing articles. Remember the excessive desire against google adsense will be the cause of your site being rejected by google if you can't control the excess desire. so invite you to cheating cheating in developing your blog site. before heading to the tip so that the blog sites are accepted as good as adsense ads monetize her read the first cause of the blog site was rejected by google adsense.

The Cause Of The Blog Site Is Not Acceptable To Google Adsense

  1. The site is a duplicate (copy paste), Google does not like sites that contain content that it alone. (Copy Of The Articles Of Other Sites).
  2. The site is not old enough to monetize adsense ads
  3. The site has a problem in the navigation.

Accepted Way For Google Adsense

  1. Avoid to three violations of the above, it is important to do.
  2. Wake up your blog site with his own works try typing an article based on a natural idea you have.
  3. Discover new things that are useful to publish
  4. Verify your site to google console
  5. Verify your blog site to google analytics
  6. Make sure your site is already aged more than six months
  7. Check the Indexing of articles you should copy and paste the article deleted because it will experience deindex (not in the index) and considered boring.
  8. Check the performance of your site before signing up for the google adsense like terafik pengnjung, a source of visitor traffic and more importantly on the search keywords

 Feasibility Of Monetize Adsense Ads

  1. The site of his 300 visitors have Sha natural per day
  2. The site has traffic sources his Sha 10 countries to examine his view statistics section on the dashboard of your blog.
  3. If the keyword search section on your blog site look good (has a lot of keyword search result) sign your site nice and helpful (in interest).
  4. The keyword search is natural visitors of your site, the more berpariasi and the keywords that lead to your site the higher the rating of your site in google's eyes and allow your sites google adsense will be accepted.

To get the keywords to search your site worthy in monetize your adsense ads should be patient and try these tips:

  1. Remember the article Copy paste will be in deindex by google alone, the original owner of the copy and paste your article reported. You will lose visitors from search keyword contains only garbage on your site sbaik him in order to avoid your site received adsense.
  2. Did Reset the keyword (keywords) before writing a new article.
  3. Often often look for your article on the google advanced search, search with the keyword example: Accepted way for Adsense
  4. Fix old articles in publish but can't be found on google searches (expand keyword) on that article.
  5. Write articles that are fresh with a new discussion, there are still many things around us that has not been published to google. Articles with new discussion has a 80% chance to occupy the position of the index on page one of google.
  6. To get your adsense account (accepted by google adsense) must not occupy page one of google. the position of the article on page 2 of google index or page three is enough. Make sure you write the correct article and not there to attract the hearts of mengada readers visit back to your site.

Overcoming rejection adsense because of the problems of navigation, any notification (e-mail) rejection monetize adsense ads would be no reason that the navigation of your blog site is not good. Remember that your sites deserves menseleksi monetize adsense ads is a robot (program). There are millions of people have requested a monetize adsense ads, so your site navigation is not wrong but his lack of organic visitors to your site so that your site is considered less good at baian navigation. one of his most surefire way one that received adsense and get organic visitors are as I described above.

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