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How to list the latest Google Adsense First and Reset the starting times in the List

How to list the latest Google Adsense First and Reset the starting times in the List
List of Adsense latest 2018 for the first birthday or a list of Google Adsense on the decline with the same email. Managing a blog not the spirit if you don't have Adsense account. To be accepted as a Publisher Adsense ads then the Blog should meet the standard conditions of Google Adsense. There are 2 types of Adsense that is Hosted and Non-Hosted the second differences. If you could only use Hosted paga blogspot and Youtube, while a Non Hosted account you can use on everything including blog TLD (Top Level Domain).

To register your Adsense account Non Hosted which you can plug in all kinds of sites so its main requirement is a Blog that you have bought the domain. Create a useful article writing own results at least 500 words. If inggin received then you could try the blog with a nice (one of the types of articles) e.g. blogs about health, technology, business, or about the experience in managing a blog.

For the mastah bloggers may how to apply Google Adsense is easy enough for beginners but the way this is a little confusing if you only read the tutorial course. But don't worry because here will explain in detail how to apply GA up to acceptable. As consideration is good then before registering to Google Adsense blog, your blog should have a minimum of 10 articles and have created a page (page) such as: About, Contact Form, Privacy Policy and Sitemap.

Such a provision that requires the Google Adsense blog 6 months old then if you inggin welcome, please register your blog after that age. But there are some menggatakan that the age of the blog there is no need for it, it only takes a few days can already accepted by Adsense. Especially if your blog is using the language of the United Kingdom not the Indonesian Language. If you keep trying to register the blog inggin with age a few days or a month does not yet exist, please follow the below way.

How to list latest Adsense 2018 Full Approve

Step 1: log in to Google Adsense and your Login Please use Gmail in a Blog that you will register.

Step 2: Please enter your site link, select Yes, select country Indonesia, Conteng YES again and CREATE an ACCOUNT.
Step 3: fill in your details, start the Account Type, name, address, No HP and finally click SUBMIT.

Step 4: Please COPY the code below I give red box and pastekan in the HTML Blogger. Do not click DONE first before you place this code in your blogger site.

Step 5: go to your Blogger, select a theme, Edit HTML
Enter the code in Adsense last right under the code<head>your Template and then click Save.

Step 6: go back to step 5, Click image DONE then it would appear like the image below that your Blog is currently in review by Google then just wait the answer through your Email.
During the wait for approval from the Adsense then I suggest you don't ever open an Adsense. Just look at the Google Adsense answers via Email whether in Full receipt be approved or rejected. We cannot guess what kind of criteria in receipt by the Google so strive provides content that draws its own writings of the results. If you're not on the first filing receipt please what is the problem, fix it and submitted it with my Email as below.

How to reset Adsense list while in decline with same Email

Step 1: Please open the email from Google Adsense. Read well what was to become the subject of your submission on the Decline. If the content is not adequate then there are articles or article you copas kedeteksi belongs to the gado gado aka Ice mix. If other problems then try to replace the Template. Use the default Blogger Template when asking a larger potential Adsense accepted. If you have then please fix (just click).

Step 2: just let the Blog URL as they are automatically filled. Please select the language of the content, select the Indonesian Language if the article you speak Indonesia. Last click Save and continue.
If you have already signed in to your Google Adsense Daskboard do not need to copy the code again for HTML installed in Blogger. Re-registration code is the same code when you first register with Adsense. Please click Done and just wait the Adsense Review in a few days. There comes a time Adsense replies on that very day, there are a couple of days and there is also the ever berminggu Sunday even more than a month.

There are two possibilities when you file a GA 2018 that is received or in decline. If accepted you will get an Email Full Approve your Submission or acceptance. If you've got the email the next step create Adsense ad units.</head>

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