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How To Cope With Your Adsense Account Which Is Linked To Another Account

 How To Cope With Your Adsense Account Associated With Another Account. Do you understand about what is Google Adsense that much in interest by the circle of bloggers? If you do not understand then I will explain about Google Adsense and also I will discuss about the issue frequently in problems faced by the Google Adsense publisher.

Prior to know more about Google Adsense then will I explain a little in advance, Google Adsense is a site where you can sign up to be a publisher, however in addition how to apply Google Adsense is already quite difficult Once compare years years ago. If years ago do not have to take weeks or months, berminggu months to approve, require only a few days it's been directly approve.

 If you want to register for Google Adsense in the year 2016 you will experience little difficulty because of a very long stage reviewnya, takes up to a month, 3 weeks, 1 week or 1 week. Most if it's been 2 weeks no reply from Google Adsense then it signifies in decline your application. These problems often faced by the publisher in the publisher who just register your blog or website to the Google Adsense site.

May be a little more clear about what it is Google Adsense for lively interest in the circle of bloger bloger. In the discussion this time I will assist you on how to cope with your Adsense account which is linked to another account, for that see and note well Yes.


It is possible for the mastah thing is already a reasonable thing in the live Google Adsense publisher, I too have experienced things like that, when my time to register and install the ad unit on my blog then to esokan day there are replies from Google Adsense that went into my email, its contents are more or less like this
 "When reviewing your application, we found that your Adsense account the saai was approved which terkati with Because Adsense Program policies  "and so on.

The cause of caused by several factors that often forget when You want to sign up to become a Google Adsense publisher, what are those? Let's see the good good.

1. You already have an adsense account is still active, meaning i.e. you have 1 Google Adsense account which has not been in the Cancel, well if you have an account that is not already in Adnsense cancel but you sign up again then there will be messages from Google Adsense as above it.

2. the Browser you are using is not yet at its bersihakan, it can also affect when you register again your Adsense account. For it if you want to register again your Adsense account be sure to thoroughly in advance especially clean the cache in the browser that will be in use.

3. Address when signing up for Google Adsense again want to do may be the same as the account has already been registered. Since this will be recognised by Google Adsense to collide, for it if want to register again use different addresses from each of your Adsense account.


Any problems although there is the way out, whether it's easy or difficult. If you are always on the decline by the Google Adsense with form rejection as listed above then You don't worry about it in advance, because everything can be corrected with smoothly. Here's how to handle it:

1. When you receive a rejection email form like that then you don't worry first, search the email registered to Google Adsense, login with the email and cancel accounts Adsensenya.

2. when the first way that still fails, then you must next way company cancels your Adsense account or cancel it. Cancel your Adsense account associated with your account to another. After that try your list again uses the same blog also.

3. Complete.

If It Still Fails/Adsense Adsense You Can Not Cancel Because This Review Phase Of The Solution:

1. go to my account
2. If Already Diakun Me and go to the ACCOUNT-PREFENSI-Search > PAYMENTS
3. Select/click the payment method
4. go to Settings
5. read the Text that is in the Image No. 4 ...
6. If you have the Save
7. list reset to Its AdSense and try to wait for the AdSense Delivers messages to Email you guys to stage his First ...

Maybe that's all I can tell about how to cope with your Adsense account associated with Another Account and Emain hopefully this post can be rewarding as well as to foster a spirit of soul inside you when mengeblog.

Things that must be understood when starting Google Adsense in IE You should be able to fix Your site again, as much as possible unique and interesting so that many people or visitor at home in your website. Then if in decline with a form of denial as in the picture above then you must cancel your account/change your payment address in your account settings so that all these problems are completed.

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