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How to calculate the number of words in the article/posting Blog SEO Friendly

How do I know how many words in the article that is SEO friendly? During this time google does not give the terms of how the criteria of syllables (word) and the sentence should be written in one posting, only estimated about 600 words in one article blog enough, more would be great for enriching information accordance with relevant keywords, so that it becomes the posting SEO on page.

How to calculate the number of words in the article/posting Blog SEO Friendly
How to know the number of words/characters in the article or Blog Post
 If looking at the Google party provisions regarding the criterion blog for AdSense, stated in a one-page posting it at least should have a paragraph and a complete word count, including adequate content in order to have the article desktiptif also informative blog for giving priority to information writing than any other content.

SEO articles have at least 600 to 1000 words in one posting, it was already in full will also consider more enter keyword terms, in addition to other articles that have the number of words is more than enough in one article would be likely postingannya appeared on the front page of Google and get visitors from organic search results (Sherps Engine).

Tricks to make 1000 articles the word is also often used by professional bloggers in order to be able to compete at a high level search, for we should learn also how to count the number of words in this article, the aim to find out how the word density density that has been made in the article, that is able to compete in a google search.

Learn this and try to do it this way every now and then, his goal was to learn to make the content quality and unique SEO according to google and the reader. (If my article is after the check of about 1052 syllables)

Here I do it with the help of Assistant  "Word Counter360 ° free Online " site counter tool that is capable of exposing detailed testing and keyword density is dominant on the text in the article, which on average are words or phrases that the content has the level of SEO friendly.

For example: keyword counter provides at least ten pronouns are often sought after by visitors or not, unique or not? It's for us to estimate and worn every make article.

 How to count words and characters offline in MS Word

Prior to core tutorial, Alternatively you can use the word offline in Microsoft word software. Do I just copy all posts from the blog before posting and then paste in the  "Microsoft Word's" automatically at the bottom there will be a description of how the number of words and characters in the article.
(This doesn't need to be a complete tutorial because it directly you can try yourself in Microsoft Word the requirement you must use a laptop)

 How to find out the number of syllables with online wordcounter360 °

  1. In order to know the details of the level of SEO or keyword unique automatically you can do the test words in SEO friendly site online wordcounter360%. com or word, the column will appear later testing, langsug only:
  2. First, Please visit the website Word Counter at Address, com via your browser.
  3. Copy the entire article in draft blog and then Paste on the column.
  4. View the results on the following picture: I'm trying to take a small sample from a title of this article:

Examples of test results of a syllable's "how to count the number of words in the article/Blog postings so that SEO " has: 10 words, 65 spaces and the following characters as seen from the keyword has 1%, the word unique could reduce or plus more in order to get the most out for SEO on-page. (It is an example of the title of this article before I replace)

Use the main keyword on all articles about 3% or 4% just in the posting that it may not happen penjejalan keywords (keyword stuffing).

Another way of checking how many syllables using the online site

Stride is the same as above please visit the address

Actually the number of syllable can Android apps with Writer and tools and other sites

In other words the term Seeking tactics from keywords

The most powerful tips: technically a longer text (expressive) by you can be replaced with shorter phrases but has a strong base use a synonym or homonym short but still there are weights and Executive benefits.

His goal was to make it more efficient for readers time by looking at the words that give expression of surprise but not too long.

To meet the Article until 600 even 1000 words in the post, the trick could you make a conclusion at the end of the article, using the keyword term or Word pearls of wisdom from successful people motivational or add tips in the end of the article relatively equal.

SEO Article Problem

Create an article that has a value of Word or phrase level SEO on-page analysis you can in reason by yourself or with the help of the site.

As an example, if there are seekers entering key words in google search? The google robot system will analyze every web page which sites are most often conjures up the phrase or words relevant to suit human needs the searchers, if the content in your article page has the phrase in accordance with the answer keyword According to google, surely there are articles on the first page. That's the point of mastering keyword terms.

If you need an example for example like this:
You are targeting the keyword in the title's "how to count the number of words in the article "

Well, that is strong and keep if any search type  "ways of knowing"   "the number of words in the blog "

You can use Word's "knowing you" or other similar terms in the paragraph and subtitles so if anyone typing  "way of knowing the number of articles " then your Post is still there on the first page.

Real example: I never apply this technique if you're got it, I have one post that until the current SEO on-page with the main keyword:

 "how to change the Arabic to the latin alphabet "

Please you in check on google search that page < 🔍 > with keywords, I'd eliminate some keywords front side to be "latin to Arabic " but still there is the front page of.

Please check with a few key words just do not  "to Saudi only " later result into a plane ticket.

Enough with its application procedures as above.

It may be a little less PC experience like that.

How to count or find out how many of the relevant words with word counter is easy isn't it? Please try and apply to add SEO friendly on your article.


If it should write one blog topic required a long long article created please but don't impose by creating repetition of keywords, create a corresponding term words other keywords so that after completion in a post article on page SEO can.

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