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How to add photos (Pictures) in the Blog post Correctly

The posting Added photos (Pictures) in a Blog post this is actually the correct CB insert in the tutorial how to create a blog on blogger.

CB repost here at once update and remind bloggers newbie so that inserting a picture illustration correctly. Is true is that postings be search engine friendly (seo friendly) so easy fast Google indexed &.

Prepare Image
We start from purvey an image first. You can create your own picture, photograph yourself, or download the free image copyright.

Make sure Your image file names correspond to the image. Should contain keywords that are shot in the post. If from a camera, or a file name ' odd ', change it to become--for example--post-blog-seo .jpg

Read: how to SEO optimization of Images for Blog posts

Kalo drawings are ready, follow the tips below to insert an image into a blog post.
How to add photos (Pictures) in a Blog post

1. Point your Cursor
Klikkan Your mouse cursor in front of the first letter of the script's post, at the far left, the left, the script that you just wrote.

2. click on the Insert Image
Click on the picture box background to blue (on the right side of the text links).

3. Enter the picture.
Will appear a pop-up page  "select file  " or "Choose files ".
Click the "Choose files  " and please click photos/images folder that is on your computer, and click "Open  ".

4. click  "Add selected ". The photos will go into the script.

5. Set the position and image description
Click once (single click) the existing photo in the posting. 

At the bottom of the photo will appear small menu, that is the size of the photo to be displayed (small-medium-large-X-large-original size) and position the photo (left-center-right). There are also "Add caption  " (to write photo captions) and   "Properties".

6. Select the image size will be displayed. For Example, Medium

7. click "  Properties"-the contents of the  "title text " (the name of the photo) and the alt text " " (alternative text). 
Selaraskan-the name of the photo and alt text with the title and the content of Your posts (posts)
-Click "OK's" .

Image descriptions (Alt Text & Title filling) is required if it does not, the image will not be seo friendly seo of your blog and the score will be reduced.

Image description is also important in order to make known to the search engines. Google and other search engines only recognize text, does not recognize the picture. It could have been, but given Tiger name image cat or vice versa, hence the name and the description of it that will be indexed by Google.

So add the pictures (images) in a Blog post. Good Luck & Happy Blogging!

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