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Google Adsense Secrets Blog Received


My post this time I share about the secret how to so that your blog is google adsense received full approve. Basic guidelines in order to trick the blog received network advertisers google adsense in full approve and fast I auto summary of questions diinbox and friends on his official site to make it more easily understood by the layman.

Many inbox Inbox asking about how to register for google adsense, how many postings in order to approve the terms of adsense, how old is the blog so diapprove adsense and how many visitor at least blog registered to google adsense ready. In general there is no one knows for sure so we grab the version generally just not happen debate

Google AdSense is a free and easy way for website publishers, large and small, to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their website. Started AdSense now and learn more publishers are experiencing success with AdSense in our success stories.

 Some frequently asked questions about Google AdSense

1. where can I register to become an adsense publisher?You can sign up as a publisher adsense in your blog dashboard (if you're using blogger). If the menu "Earning " is not yet available on the dashboard of your blog, try Fox display language into English in menu settings.

For those of you who use self-hosting, you can sign up for adsense on

2. I can not sign up, how do I solve it?
Email from adsense account you ever dibanned, age at the time of making email gmail for the first time not yet 18 years of age, your email never rejected outright before so register to to submit a re-enrollment

3. How many times a review done?Review of google adsense registration done twice, if you bought adsense with a review of the account means it's a bug or a stealth account

4. how long does a first review done?First, the review usually spend 1 x 24 hour or less than 3 days

5. how long is the second review carried out?Second, the review usually spend time 2-3 the day even at maximum 1 month

6. My ad doesn't appear, what causes and how to solve it?You might still be a time of review, your Adsense account dibanned, the blog site dibanned, advertising is not fully active, ad code error

7. The ads do not appear on the article/posting, what causes and how to solve it?Most likely on the article which does not bring up the ad contains words/sentences violate the Terms of Service of Google Adsense

 Google adsense is one of the network advertiser a PPC which is sought after by most of the blogger, it feels less complete if blogging without ads from google this blog because if we accepted by adsense blog indicates we are worthy or nice/ legal content/secure

Register for google adsense is indeed difficult, besides from the content that we have had to really secure does not violate the TOS of adsense, also display the navigation must be good as well as in terms of age and visitor blog must be established (in the sense of not riding stable down)

The difficulty of registering network advertisers google adsense due to many factors ranging from hectic players among the blackhat, the number of fake accounts stealth bug maker let alone to the visitor his CPC value indonesia itself is small because the advertisers of our country Installing bits in the maximum amount of advertising broadcast, so many but not targeted

Used to be my early blogging make an account google adsense for blogs is very easy, just as easy by making youtube adsense account now

A great many myths circulating about a secret register a blog in order to be accepted directly by google adsense advertisers network include:

Age Old Blog = Received Adsense

Opinions are often circulated said that the older the age of a blog, the higher the likelihood that the blog was also accepted into adsense publisher, in fact, from my personal experience, a blog that only has 6 months to be accepted into adsense Publisher, although had received 2 x times the rejection

Google never gave the age requirements of a blog, google only gives the proviso that ' only a google account that is 18 years of age who can participate in the Google Adsense program ', which can be set in the date of birth at the time of the making of gmail.

In some countries, google is indeed set a policy, whereby they accept only blogs that already 6 to be their publisher. Do not believe? Read more at

The blog should have a page About US, Contact Us, Terms of Service (TOS), a Disclaimer to be Adsense Publisher

I do not know this fact or mere myth, but at the time my blog sign up, I don't have a page About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Service (TOS) or Desclaimer.

In the header navigation menu I have only put a few links, IE Homepage, the links category and a search box, without having a page About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Service (TOS).

Many Blog Backlinks = Received Adsense
Backlinks indeed effect on SEO, but this seems not valid on receipt of the Google Adsense publisher. AdSense will not consider that your blog has a lot of backlink or not, for example, my blog is still 6 months (on point 1) didn't get to do the SEO optimization, backlink, because of that I have only just potluck.

 Page Rank (PR), Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) High = Received Adsense

Entirely opinion has little to do with the admissibility requirement is a blog where people who want to be an adsense publisher should have a blog with Page-Rank (PR), Domain Authority (DA), and Page Authority.

You should know that since 2/3 years ago, Google had stopped doing page rank updates, so just blog-old blog has a page rank, while the newly formed blog will not have these things, however.

If the rumor has it that blog that wants to be an adsense publisher should have a high Page Rank actually is, instead it will make all new blogs will not be acceptable to adsense? In fact, the process of acceptance of adsense publisher is still running as usual.

As for the DA and the PA itself until recently still updated as usual, but still, this also has no effect on the process of acceptance of adsense publisher, why?

Generally, if a TLD domain was registered, the domain will have the DA and PA 0, it will not change until it's been doing SEO Optimization blog, but as I said in the second point, in my blog, my blog still open account 6 months, with DA and PA 1, but in the end my blog was accepted into adsense publisher.

Posting A Lot = Received Adsense

There is also a rumor that says if the blog has a post a lot, then the blog will be accepted into adsense publisher, is this true?

No, I have a method to your blogspot blog mengclone overall, but when I try to register into the adsense publisher, the result is of course rejected.
However on my blog (on the first point), I was only able to do an update a week as much as 3 times, for a total of about 40 articles, my blog was successfully accepted into adsense publisher.

High Traffic = Received Adsense

You know the sites awsubs, animeindo, ganool, bagas31, android-kuyhaa, ad4msan, and other download sites? Yup, they are sites with tens of thousands of unique visitor traffic every day, but to date I have never seen them put up Google Adsense ads on their site.

The main reason they don't put up adsense is certainly the site violated the ACT ITE with illegal content/load content piracy.
(although it could still be in the akali-using link shortener)

Should not have a high enough traffic with traffic below 1000 PV/day was more than enough to make your blog accepted into adsense publisher, provided that the source of the traffic comes from search engines and has a fixed traffic every day.

 Alexa Rank = Slim Received Adsense

Alexa has absolutely no effect with SEO or acceptance of google adsense, because Alexa is not a company that connects directly with Google.

Alexa is nothing more than a functioning independent site for ratings to measure where the blogs that have low and high traffic.

Don't Be Too Concentrated In The Selection Template

Because there are those who suggest to choose the template that is light and responsive, someone forgot to do content optimization blog/article itself.

The selection of the template is indeed crucial, especially template responsive, because google has recently been released an algorithm that prioritize the blog with a look of mobile-friendly.

You do not need to look for a template that is very very perfect with the value 100/100, quite simple template search and mobile friendly, you can check here. In addition, the more love the simplicity of google

 Advice from me before you enroll your blog to google adsense 

 * #1 Suggestions: don't focus with ' Blog for Money '

I'm sure all bloggers here want a blog to make money, neither with me. But sometimes this benchmark bring negative effect against the continued career a blogger, especially for the beginner, why?

Generally, when a person knows that the blog can make money, the person will be concentrated to make her blog semaju and do all possible ways to realize it. Often these people do it cheating by doing pencopasan from another blog, and this is where your blogger's career will be over soon.

Google is not a stupid system, if new blogs appearing and performing copy-paste against the old blog, google will not provide an automatic ranking SERP search engine of articles dicopas, although sometimes there is a lucky copaser and thus occupies page ONE, beating the original article.

 Although successful in pencopasan to attract visitors, does not mean you will be accepted into adsense publisher.

Well, I myself never done pencopasan against other blogs and being accepted into adsense publisher. Note however, I just mencopas some articles only, and even then not get ranked in google SERP, the rest I made my own article, and the article hand made articles here's what most get the SERP.

The bottom line, for whatever wishes you like to be an adsense publisher, you'd better create articles with your own notes, without relying on & CTRL + C CTRL + V.

* #2 Suggestions: don't Fantasize:  "if I become an Adsense Publisher, I would be a rich man's"

 "Well, turns out to be a money-making blogging a lot, if I became a blogger for sure I will be rich ", all the bloggers definitely never thought like that, but the reality is not as beautiful as the expectation

Basically, blogging is not that different from work in the real world, that memedakannya might only be located on the ' freedom ' in your work, you can work whenever you want, either you off, or work, it's up to you, because you are the boss. Note however, the more often you off, sooner or later your blog traffic will decline.

In addition, earnings from google adsense is not as big as you think, never seen a screenshoot on my social media related adsense earnings? Maybe you've noticed there are people who share photos gajiannya on facebook, some even reach hundreds of dollars a day.

I don't know how they earn that much, but certainly, I never get that much income per day. I have a blog with traffic 10 k unique visitor/day or 25 k page view/day based on google analystic report, you know how much income I earn?

Believe it or Sha, I was only able to print $1-3 $ per day with RPM (revenue per thousand impressions)-$ 0.2 $0.1 only. I do not know what happened to the other bloggers, but this is what happened to me.

* #3 Suggestions: make articles with ease, and don't Hurry Hurry

Nothing is instant, even the master of SEO or blogging will not be able to make the newly created blog ranked 1 on the search page in just one day, it all takes the process.

Surefire way to let the blog received google adsense
#1. Just create a handmade Articles, and never Once in a while trying to do a Copy-Paste. Things would've warned every localized website is  "make articles original ", in other words create articles with the type on its own, without relying on & CTRL + C CTRL + V.

Although you can do copy-paste, I doubt that google will give you a good serp for your article that copas.

#2. Make Navigation Easy To Understand Visitors

If you've ever rejected by google adsense, I'm sure you've been denied by reason of inadequate ' navigation '. Well, the navigation is by google it's not just the header menu navigation, but everything that can help site visitors to access other articles in your blog

Here I describe some of the navigation which may be referred to google:

Header Menu Navigation

Create a navigation that can facilitate the visitor visits the page of other pages on your blog, such as Home, link to the menu label, index, table of contents, etc.

The Search Box
Maybe if your blog is a new blog, with low traffic, maybe the search box is a thing that rarely used the visitors. But believe me, when your blog becomes a great blog, this function is badly needed visitors

Navigation Related Article
When the visitor is still not satisfied with the articles they read on your blog, they can extend it by reading related articles

[Widgets] Recent Post & Popular Post
In addition to beautifying, both widgets is also obliged to use as a navigation of the blog.

#3. Before Applying To Become An Adsense Publisher, Make Sure Your Blog Has Traffic Sources Visitors With Search Engines That Remain

Of course, Google Adsense will doubt accept blog with traffic that is not clear (example: share on facebook). Maybe it's true blog traffic will go up immediately, but after the share done, blog traffic will return to the range 0 PV/day (if the new blog)
Google favors blogs that have a fixed traffic, although traffic in the blog is minimal.

 #4. When The Time Of The Review, Try To Increase The Frequency Of Update Articles

The period of review is the determination of whether or not you are accepted as a Google Adsense publisher, at once the most vulnerable period will be a rejection.

AdSense do 2 times review, first made during the review Max 24 hours and the second review conducted during the 2-3 day. Well, during this time, try to increase the frequency of your updates, it does not have too much, just try to 3-5 articles per day.

#5. If you still don't believe its Reviews Provided The Publisher (including me), Let Us refer to the terms determined by Google As Google already published Benchmark requirements the requirements of what it takes to be an adsense publisher , here are some of them:

Eligibility to participate in AdSense
While we can't tell whether your site will be feasible without thoroughly reviewing your application, there are several things that you can check before applying to see if your site will fit well with AdSense.

Do you have a web site?

You must have a web site in order to participate. Read our tips for creating interesting content so you will lure users and advertisers to your site.

Are you at least 18 years old?

As listed on the terms and conditions, we can only accept the petition of the applicant who are over 18 years old.

Does your site comply with our program policies?

Check that your site adheres to our policies before sending the application. Note that we may modify the policy at any time and upon our terms and conditions, you shall be obliged to follow that change.

If your site is already active for at least six months?

In some countries, including China and India, we require that your site is active for at least six months before the site will be considered. We took this step to ensure the quality of our ad network and protect the interests of advertisers and publishers.

 Content guidelines

Publishers may not place the AdSense code on pages that contain content that violates our content guidelines. For example, content that is adult, violent, or support racial discrimination. Please see our prohibited content articles for more information.

Site with Google ads may not include or link to:

  1. Pornography, adult content, or vulgar
  2. Violent content
  3. Hateful words (including content that provokes so incurred hatred or encouraging violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or orientation sexual/gender identity), abuse, oppression, or similar content that advocates to hurt someone or a group.
  4. Excessive obscene content
  5. Content hacking/pengoprekan
  6. Software or other content that violates the Policies of unwanted Software
  7. Malware (malware protection software) or adware (software advertising)
  8. The content of illegal drugs and equipment
  9. Content that promote, sell, or advertise products obtained from endangered or rare species.
  10. Sales of beer or liquor
  11. The sale of tobacco or tobacco product.
  12. Sales of prescription drugs
  13. Sales of weapons or ammunition (e.g., gun, rifle, combat knives, stun guns)
  14. The sale or distribution of tasks or college papers
  15. Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, browse the web site, or read the email
  16. Other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes the legal rights of others

 Copyrighted material

AdSense publishers may not display Google ads on your web pages with content protected by copyright law, unless the publishers have legal rights that are needed to display the content. This includes sites that display copyrighted material, sites that host copyrighted files, or sites that provide links to drive traffic to the site that contains the copyrighted material. Please read our DMCA policy for more information

Counterfeit goods

AdSense publishers may not display Google ads on your web pages that offer or promote the sale of counterfeit goods. Counterfeit goods have a trademark or logo that is identical with or very difficult to distinguish from the originals. The stuff mimic the brand features of the product in an attempt to disguise it as a genuine product of the brand owner.

Webmaster guidelines

Do not place the keywords that are excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant in the content or code of web pages.
Avoid hidden text or links.
Avoid pages with " " created just for search engines, or approach  "without added value such as"  affiliate program with little or none of the original content.
Do not include content or construction that deceive or trick to increase a site's ranking on search engines (e.g., PageRank of the site).
Create a site that is useful and rich information, and write pages that describe the content clearly and accurately.
Webmaster quality guidelines

 Make sure your site adds value. Publishers are not permitted to make multiple pages, sub-domains, or domain which contains multitudes of duplicate content.

Publishers should provide unique and relevant content that users have a compelling reason to visit their site.

Avoid page   "switcher" created just for search engines, or approach  "without added value " such as affiliate programs with little or no original content.

Note that participation in AdSense doesn't affect the site's ranking in Google search results and will not add a webpage in line to crawl by bots index
Our main. Publishers who want to improve their ranking in search results should visit Webmaster Central Console and Search, which is available to all publishers.

Sites that do not comply with these guidelines may be removed from the search index and his AdSense ads disabled. If this has happened to one of your sites, you can change the site in order to comply with the guidelines then submit your site for reconsideration.
Traffic sources

Google ads may not be placed on pages that receive traffic from a specific source. For example, publishers may not participate in the program pay for clicks, send unwanted email, or display ads as a result of the actions of any software application. In addition, publishers who use online advertising should make sure their pages comply with the guidelines of the quality of the landing page of Google.

 To ensure a positive experience for Internet users and Google advertisers, sites that serve Google ads may not:

 Using third-party services that generate clicks or impressions such as paid to click, paid to browse, browse, and click Exchange.

Promoted through unsolicited mass emails or unwanted advertisements on third-party websites.

Display ads, search box, or Google search results as a result of the actions of a software application such as a toolbar.

Loaded by software that can trigger pop-ups, redirect users to unwanted websites, modify browser settings, or interfere with site navigation. It is your responsibility to ensure that no network or affiliate ads that use such methods to drive traffic to the page that contains your AdSense code.

Receive traffic from online ads, unless the site adheres to the principle of Google landing page Quality Guidelines. For example, users should be able to easily find what Your ad promises.

So my post about the surefire way to let google adsense, the blog received just by reading 1 my post is expected the reader to know what is google adsense and how to register properly and safely, it is indeed often people blog I post an ad GA dibanned but often because of invalid click last January 2017 I plug 2 x ad GA but dibanned because my blog traffic is quite high from some place like facebook, news, sits a redirect backlink first, heters2 cockroaches etc so I just plug my other ads:

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