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DISQUS Profile Settings Way To Optimize Your Blog

Have you setting complete with Disqus Profile, start from your profile photo (Avatar) a short biography, to store the address of the blog? If not now is the time to equip it immediately Setting to optimize your DISQUS Profile this Blog thing is important so that your blog easily visible if friends want to visit disqus behind! If you are diligent blogwalking but does not include the address of the blog that will be hard for your partner and other visitors if it will go to your blog, while disqus themselves do not provide the share of the article plus unlike google and facebook.

DISQUS Profile Settings Way To Optimize Your Blog
 Blogwalking activities with disqus is now very popular and makin digemri because it is not limited to just one site the website because it can be for all of the web such as: blogspot, wordpress and other websites, mutual commenting, reply (reply) between users Disqus and visitors can also interact to disccus own home such as: check the settings, notification profile.

This media so the odds must be optimized by giving full details of each profile site link media networks include disqus, as smart steps so that the blog belongs to you easily found by your partners visit auto traffic blog so stable even ride.

What is disqus ... and what are the benefits for us and the blog?

According to wikipedia is a system service DISQUS comments that can be disemat or in integration (attached) includes many websites such as: news sites, blogs and other great sites as the arena of discussion (comments) between the site owner and visitor. Disqus has an interesting look simple and steady Ricent can display the comment as well as a Top commentator who can set by the owner of the web.

Benefits for pemilk and DISQUS blog visitors!

  1. If the calculated benefits many. Disqus itself is very profitable for providers (blog owners) as well as the commentators get hospitality, a shot of a spirit of cooperation, etc.
  2. The strategy would rank blog and SOE articles for if many are discussing in one blog page it will be many keywords on the topics discussed there will open the opportunity your article will appear in a search of goole, sure you'd understand about this! the more original the kommentator leave a comment containing a lot of advanced keyword (LSI) keywords from the article.

 Then how do I maximize my disqus as a means for commentators to become partner or visitor blog and Do only on disqus?

!) Of course not, because every blog that provides the default comments from blogs or through google itegrasi plus, facebook everything else could be opportunity in this regard.

The important thing we are active in all of the media supporting the blog.

Here's how Disqus profile setting as a strategy and optimization blog

Tricks in order to become a partner of our blog? "I'm sure you already know and have menyetingnya to the maximum, but it doesn't hurt his profile in check again now!

1. What if I don't have a disqus?

For those of you not yet have an account can list on the official DISQUS in advance.
It's easy enough to login using an account Gmail, G + or facebook, can wear just as you have.

After the next login and can list: Tap or click your profile photo on the top right or sign out from a wheelchair.
  1. Then  "click " settings/settings.
  2. Further options will appear and  "click " profile (to edit all)
  3. After selecting a profile > contents of the columns that is in the page like = name-biography-website-check private/not. When it is finished don't forget to save.

2. If you already have an account with disqus.

After you have an account or simply you living longer and check the settings profile disqus here


  1. Fill in the fields as the pace and profile picture above!
  2. If you haven't yet installed blog URL please create a link blog by including the URL of the blog is most important!

Up here it is finished to add your disqus profile and complete, to the next setting you can adjust according to personal wishes etc like the above picture after it is reasonably sorted out don't forget to save it.

The steps above I am using a mobile phone (cell phone) when using a laptop or pc I guess not much berbesa just different LANGUAGES differ please try.

The bottom line

By supplementing your disqus profile will at least open a lot of opportunities and benefits of each comment anywhere.

The ways I could as a step to maximize the boost in traffic by placing a decoy or create a blog link diprofil Disqus if there is information on our blog then it will be detected and as access to friends or anyone for behind the visit or the harmonious relationship between fellow bloggers via our blog and blogwalking add forward and succeed.

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