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An Effective SEO Strategy Google Indexed

SEO or Search Engine optimization for a blog is indeed very important. To help your website or blog entry in the top 10 search results on google search engines, is not quite young. However, the hum is not too difficult as well. An awful lot of articles that discuss the information on the internet about these tips so that an optimal site in search engines especially google search. Generally the SEO strategy is divided into two based on media optimizationnya, i.e. SEO strategy On Page and Off Page

SEO Stragegi. These are effective SEO strategies that need to be done before stepping on two SEO strategy. What are the steps that need to be done to maximize SEO (search engin Wednesday optimization) a website/blog? These questions are to be thought of By the perpetrator of the actuator's website so that the page on its website can be indexed to its full potential. Also read my previous article: Maximizing SEO Blog With Easy Optimization
Measures To Optimize SEO
Seoblogfaster summarize it into 10 steps that must be performed to optimize the SEO of a website:

1. Set the keyword/keyword
Your tentusaja website consists of words starting from the website name, description, title page, posting an even smaller on each unsur2 elem of your website. try to make all the elemn tangent or have any relevance. so when someone type something in the search google, google considers the website you mentioned by sipencari.

2. Integrate your Website/Blog with Google Authorship
Integrate your website or blog with Google Authorship Authorship or use Markup is excellent to maximize long term SEO strategies, and can also increase the number of clicks to a Web page, because the reader will think of it as the reviews from people who have credibility. If you are not using this feature, it's good for you to try.

3. use the Domain that contains the keyword
Many say that the keywords on the domain is bad strategy because it could be considered SPAM by search engine algorithm update after the penguins. However, at its core keywords on the domain are not samasekali is not dangerous for your website, it only applies to SPAM sites. Using certain keywords on your site domain is something that is good, because it can give the visitor's mainset against specification of your website. Try to use an appropriate extension with the core business, for example the extension dot com for commercial sites. because it will greatly help improve the quality of your website's SEO.

4. use the right Platform (Blogger)
Benyaksekali provider of platform that makes it easy for website creation for both the beginner as well as the master website. However, it is worth considering the platform first before using it, because of course there are advantages and disadvantages on each platform. If you are a beginner and want to quickly create a site that is easily indexed, I recommend using Blogger. Bloggers of course has a privileged position, especially for the Google search system. because one of the older product is Google Inc. will then very young making it SEO. Read also: Tutorial Make a good Blog and completely free (Beginner Blogger)

5. use a good and effective Permalinks
What's a permalink? A permalink is a URL that points to an article or page of your blog or website after passing the front page to archive the article. Make sure you post on each permalink contains the title of the posting karenan a good permalinks greatly assist in maximizing your SEO.

6. SEO Plugins On Wordpress
If you are user of the Wordpress platform. It will be facilitated by supporting SEO plugin. the advantages of WordPress is can be installed plugins that can support and help the SEO of your site. Transfer the helpful WordPress plugins SEO website:

  • Yoast WP SEO or All In One SEO Pack
  • Seo Friendly Images
  • Google XML Sitemaps and others

Install these plugins to enhance your SEO web ranking.

7. Quality and useful Content
If the website is Papancatur, content is King, Queen and the ranks of Ministers. His strength greatly influences the victory in the match. Similarly, with quality content on a blog/website. There is debate about quality content. What exactly is quality content like that? Some say "quality content so that it is able to boost the SEO article is a minimum of 500 words," and some are saying "quality content that is a minimum of 700 post article said." But the fact is, there is nothing better than a creative and original content. Create content for your readers with interesting, how can I make your readers want to read all the content of your content continuously. As delivered by google's own party, that content is King. then make your content as attractive as possible so readers will be kept comfortable in reading the article the articles you publish.

8. Blog content Up to Date
The most important goal of the blog is to present content that is useful to the readers. Unfortunately, for the sake of pursuing excellence against kompetitori in the first order of a Google search, we often use unethical SEO strategies even arguably bad and forget about the convenience of the reader. continue to update the posting is one of the key benefit to the reader. and of course the reader will again visit our website which is rich in benefits.

9. Use Social Media as a means of publication
Social media today is very conducive for any marketing share type of product. no exception for the online service provider. among the great social media almost the entire community to know such as twitter, facebook, Google, plus and others. at least certainly know one of the great medsos. Relation to SEO and social media strategy, you can share it on the publisher of the medsos you use to reproduce the network that can become your web visitors.

10. creating Backlinks
What are Backlinks? a backlink is a link between a site with other sites in the form of feedback (in this case is the link that connects the. example: blog link si  "cecep " exists on the blog the  "ucup " and vice versa. On search engine algorithms will always change from time to time. But in the mechanisms of SEO, backlinks are not burubah and will always be a factor of SEO booster. However, we must remain cautious in the relationship, particularly in building backlinks. Because backlinks is wrong will also be a boomerang for a web site/blog that careless in building backlinks to increase your SEO optimization.

10 steps above is a strategy to effectively maximize the SEO of a website. If you don't pay attention to these important matters, how the search engines take notice of your blog. of course, just like google definitely has reasons to bring up your blog on its search results. Although many more SEO factors that need to be done, but do your best to memaksimalkannya.

Such information about SEO on this occasion, may be useful.

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