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A new way of Bringing Visitor 10,000 to millions of Blogs Per day

A new way of Bringing Visitor 10,000 to millions of Blogs Per day
A lot of money we can get when we successfully manage blogs that bring visitors in great numbers, suppose 10,000 visitors per day. An increase in the number of RSS subscribers, increasing advertising revenue, etc. To bring in 10,000 visitors per day also is not too difficult if everything is set up and worked out with the best possible.

Prior to the core points of tips to improve your blog visitor up to 10,000 visitors per day, please refer to the following related articles:
This post is a composite material that I discuss in the articles above, along with a number of additional points you need to apply.
The following tips to improve your blog up to 10,000 visitors per day:

1. Performance analysis blog

Make sure your blog is already working well. To ensure this, use Google Webmaster Tools to analyze the health blog, including broken links, duplicate title, etc. Google Webmaster Tools is very useful for improving the performance of your blog by memahai the existence of certain gaps on your blog.

2. Expand the article quality

The article is at the core of all SEO techniques that we used to do. Without quality articles, it's hard to get a lot of visitors though we are diligent to post new articles. Check the article for long, if there are only a few of which contain the word, please update the post to meet the criteria of the standard articles SEO friendly.

3. Expand post articles search high level

Article on how to reset the keyword blog, I have already explained a number of important points of reset keyword, and one of them is to find out the level of popularity of a keyword. To boost visitors significantly expand post articles with a high search rate, suppose that articles about the business.

4. Tag (mark) image in post

Tag on the image contained diartikel allows you to get visitors from two different sources, namely from Google Web and Google Images. Don't forget to tag on every image in the article in order to make the articles more SEO friendly.

5. Submit artike to the various social media sites

The popularity of a blog on social media helped the blog terdongkrak its ranking in the SERPs. Put social media sharing widget on your blog to make it easier for the readers to share articles. Make sure you always send links to social media sites after you post new articles. To do this work, you can also use the tools auto submit, e.g. RSSGraffiti to submit articles automatically to Facebook.

6. Become a guest blogger

Guest blogger isn't just for the purposes of guest blogging link building, also aims to introduce yourself to the other blogger's best friend. Create articles that have weights, and describe yourself as attractive as possible (based on your real self) so they feel compelled to visit and become a subscriber of your blog.

7. Blog commenting AJAX

Blog commenting AJAX or leave comments on other blogs quite help you to introduce yourself to other bloggers. In addition to getting backlinks, it is also quite important as a form of socializing your self as well as blogs that You manage.

8. So the contributors on Yahoo Answer

Yahoo Answer is most popular FAQ site that allows you to get quality backlinks and traffic from these sites. Become a contributor by answering the questions related to the theme of your blog so you can leave the relevant links, and their problems are resolved.

9. Post in forums

Make use of the forum is one of the ways that are quite helpful in the effort to increase the visitors of the blog. Create a disejumlah account of the popular forum site, like KasKus, Seconds, compass, etc. Create a thread that can attract the attention of other forum members, and introduce your blog to them.

10. Posting something "VIRAL."

You may have a very interesting personal experience, or an achievement which assessed quite boasts. Make it as bait in a way to deliver it to readers. Although it may not directly related to the theme of the blog, but you can write it in a point of view that has sides of the equation.

Any underlying Your blogging, I'm sure you don't want what you pour on the blog become useless because no one read the article that you wrote. You certainly hope what you share on the blog article column can be read by many people, and the presence of visitors will also motivate you to be more active in writing.

As I alluded to in a number of articles, build a blog takes time. That is, to bring organic visitor will take time. If your blog is still relatively new, what today you fit on the blog, not sure he will be found by readers through search engines because Your blog page ranking in the SERPs are currently down or haven't even in the index by search engines.

To boost the position of the blog page in the SERPs so rapidly improves, then the effort was undertaken optimization. Blog optimization refers to make greater ranking well in the search engines is known by the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Application of SEO or search engine optimization is an effort to speed up and strengthen the position of Your blog page is currently the top of the search results of search engines.

With regards to search engine optimization, there are certain limitations in the process of its application. Search engine optimization should not be done because it will cause excessive occurrence over optimization. Sites or blogs that are considered doing over optimization by search engine algorithms will experience a decline in the ratings until deindexed. It is due to the over optimization is the practice of illicit optimization that violate Policy Webmaster sebagaiaman explained in the pages of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Optimize your blog to do naturally, adjusting to the age of the domain, and it does not characterize the practice of spam. To combat spammers, Google continues to conduct its search engine algorithm development, and do updates periodically. Google search engine algorithms are increasingly performing well from time to time, this is indicated by the large number of weblogs that enter the Sandbox and exposed a Google Penalty.

Tips to build blog traffic is in fact already I share through a number of posts, including how many blog visitors, how to increase blog traffic with articles How to, analysis of the causes of the deserted blog visitors, and to measure our blog traffic based on keyword. And to round out the discussion of how to bring traffic blog on the previous articles, the following tips to bring 1000 visitor blog per day.

Before you specify a domain name, the first thing you have to prepare is already a keyword. Keywords are the most important capital is going to be deciding how the volume of traffic to your blog in the future. How to reset the keyword to get the right keywords I already discussed in the article on how to reset the keyword to build a profitable blog.

After the get keyword, I assume you have selected the domain name and blog is finished you create. The next stage is to focus on writing the article titile representing quality blog, blog description, and keyword blog. But before you post your first article, make sure that the template you use already meet the criteria because of SEO template is very influential on the implementation of the on-page SEO.

The characteristics of SEO friendly template, such as:

Light (fast loads)
It has a good structure of pages
Does not contain duplicate scripts

The Foundation of the blog is an article, then make sure you only post quality articles. Article quality is a descriptive article, representing the blog title, blog description, keyword blog, solid, does not contain excessive keyword density, and of course provide a solution for the reader.

Write quality articles sometimes becomes a tough job, therefore choose blog themes based on your interests, for writing the appropriate interest will make you more inspiring in writing as well as making You more productive.

If your blog already contains some articles, for example article 10, then it is time to build backlinks. To be able to compete in the SERPs required backlink as links that provide a reference. As a referrer, backlinks also be voter. A growing number of voter (backlinks), then in theory semain anyway Your blog's reputation before the search engine algorithm.

The diversity of ways in building backlinks is not closing the possibility will direct a blogger on the practice link bulding. Make sure you choose the best way of link building. The proper way of building backlinks is building backlinks naturally. As for how the right link building I've discussed in the article on how to easily get a backlink for your new blog, link building and how to get quality backlinks.

Regardless of whether or not correct-my sepengamatan, one of the indicators used in the Google search engine algorithms process the page ranking blogs is referring to signals of social media. This means that if your blog gets a lot of hits from one or several social media sites, it will have an impact both on the ranking of your blog in the index search results in Google search engine.

Create an account on the site, social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Submit articles in otomotis to social media sites using web applications. To submit articles automatically to Facebook, you can use the applications RSS Graffiti. In addition to getting backlinks, this activity also opens an opportunity to get traffic from Facebook.

If anyone assumes that the post article in a scheduled it is not important. I don't agree with that opinion, because based on my observation of blogs that do update regularly the stability of trafiknya is much better.

Postinglah articles are scheduled to tell the search engine spider bots that there is activity (article) on your blog. If your blog is still minimal content, at least one article postinglah articles per day, but this depends on the scope of the discussion or the theme of your blog.

You can use Google Analytics to monitor Your blog stats. sign in to your Google Analytics page, register your blog, install tracking code from Google Analytics to your blog.

By using Google Analytics as a tool to monitor Your blog stats, not only can you find out how many visitors your blog. You will also find out other important statistics, such as traffic sources, the most popular keyword, geography of visitors, length of visit, etc.

Perform analysis on your blog to make sure no trouble on your blog. check the health of your blog, if there are broken links or other fatal flaws that can decrease your blog's rankings in the SERPs.

Blog statistics in Google Analytics you can also make material for doing certain changes when it is reasonably necessary.

Lastly, bring visitors to your blog can not be done instantly remember the blog optimization process and requires a fairly long time. Search engines will not display the article page of your blog on top results if your blog is still relatively new domain due to age (blog) is one of the calculation algorithm of the search engine itself.

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