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7 Basic Ingredient raw meat Dishes, dare to try?

The soft texture and tastes good!
7 Basic Ingredient raw meat Dishes, dare to try?
The people of Indonesia is not accustomed to eating raw meat, but in other parts of the world the dish made of raw beef was quite popular, lho. Starting from countries in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia, they have special food fresh red meats. Yuk, check out what are the food that is still foreign to the people of Indonesia.

1. Ossenworst
Such dishes are typical sausages Netherlands is quite popular in Europe and Western countries. Ossenworst are made from beef that was mashed and seasoned with pepper, cloves, and nutmeg. Hundreds of years ago, meat ossenworst smoked beef in advance in order to be durable, but now this step is not needed anymore.

2. Gored gored 
Ethiopia apparently fond of eating raw beef, Yes! This dish was also quite popular in the country. Unlike the kitfo whose flesh finely chopped and mixed with spices, to make a gored gored, you only need to slice the veal dice. Meat that is already sliced directly served without seasoned first. Gored gored rendering usually accompanied with condiments and sauces mitmita azawi.

3. Tiger Meat
EITs, although its name has a meaning Tiger meat, but this dish made of raw beef. Tiger meat is very popular in the United States, particularly in the States of North and South Dakota. How to make it really easy. Meat already chopped, spiced with tabasco sauce, chili powder, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. The mixture is silenced for eight hours. Tiger meat is served with biscuits or bread with salty.

4. Steact Tartare
Among the foods made from raw beef, steak tartare is arguably the most popular in various parts of the world. It looks simple, but it looks an awful lot of spices that are used in it, such as ghekins, capers, and onions. Marinades that smells sharp will make you forget if this steak tartare made from raw ground beef!

5. Sol Lek
Our neighboring countries, Thailand has a variety of dishes that are still not much dieskplor. If you pay a visit to the province of Isan, you will find unique meals. One of them is sok lek made of raw beef and cow's blood. Do not trigger nausea first! This meal does not smell at all because it's seasoned with various spices. It tastes spicy, flavorful and a bit of alcohol.

6. Carpaccio
Its name is taken from a painter of Italy who was fond of using the red and white colors, Vittore Carpaccio. This dish is made by the owner of the restaurant in Venice in 1950 's. Carpaccio is thin slices of the meat part of the sirloin served along with lemon water, olive oil, and salt.

7. Yukhoi
You like watching drama and variety show Korea surely know the dish on this one. Yukhoe is often eaten as a friend drinking soju or beer. Often eaten for dinner as a companion to the rice. Yukhoe is made from minced beef seasoned with garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, pear-shaped, and sugar.

Although the above dish looks delicious, but it's good you're not desperate to make it yourself at home. The people of Indonesia are not accustomed to eating raw meat so different body durability with their often eat them. Furthermore, you have to buy beef from stores that are assured of clean. So, if you want to try the food at the top, we recommend that you buy it at a restaurant that is already trusted, Yes!

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