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20 + step how Make Site Is on page one of Google

20 + step how Make Site Is on page one of Google
20 + step how Make Site Is on page one of Google – Google is one of the world's largest search engine with data users are nearly billions of visitors each month. However, with a very high search, to be on the first page of google is very difficult. There are some steps we have to take note of so that the site can agan are second on page one.

I will try the auto summary with a series of words that are quite short so agan would be cheaper understand it. Well, if curious, agan yuk just check out what we have to do in order to make the website entry page one on google.

Creating a Website is on page one of Google

Many people begin a frustrating because it does not get the best page on google. Because of that, many frustrating shortcuts that should be pursued, for example, put up an ad, spam, buy seo services page one of google and others. Of course this will reduce turnover because we have to spend capital to do things. A brief explanation about making google site is as follows:

1. Create unsightly site
Everyone can create a website or websites and learn seo are self-taught, yet to taste good or whether a blog/website/site that depends from the owner. If you want the website appear in google and in number one, then you need to create a website that unsightly first. What are the criteria for websites that unsightly it?

  1. Clear menu navigation
  2. Clear guidelines
  3. Have contacts who can be contacted
  4. Have information about the site
  5. A color that does not damage the eyes
  6. Not too many ads
  7. etc.

2. using the Internal relevant links
The next thing that needs to be done to show up on page one is to do the internal links are inter-related. Internal links aims to inform google robots crawl the website to ascertain whether qualified or not. If qualified, then the web will be automatically visible on the google search engine.

3. External Link QualityDo not be stingy provide external backlink, because this function is also very good for the development of our websites. Sometimes, we also get positive feedback when do external links on websites such as time.com authority, wikipedia, google.com, facebook, and others.

4. Quality content
If the display is already okay, internal links are also okay, but the article content does not exist and very little, then don't please the site appear on google. If indeed you are pursuing visitor, then try to have quality content which is really high quality. If you want to learn to make things above you can go here.

5. Do optimization Backlink in order to sign in page one of Google
Backlink can also be one of the factors page one on google search engine. A good backlink will certainly provide the information related to. You can make your own with build PBN. Or if you do not like to build your own, then you can also use the services of pbn.

6. Website speed
The speed of a site or a website would also affect the crawl google for daily, weekly or monthly. The website quickly, would be easily opened by your visitors. Try to make the site more stable so that the speed keyword agan entered google search.

7. Important Plugin
Usually a large website using CMS provided by wordpress.org. You can simply install in a host of panels are readily available when we bought the domain hosting. Using wordpress is certainly identical with the use of plugins. If true do optimization plugin agan, then certain websites will be flooded with visitors as there are on google and order one anyway.

Here is a plugin that can create a site is on the google search engine and the most popular and commonly used by seo mastah worldwide:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. All In One
  3. Wp Superchace
  4. Sitemap XML
  5. 404 Redirect Homepage
  6. Askimet

8. Site Sitemap
The sitemap is important for any developer site. Agan should really understand how to use the sitemap. The sitemap is designed to know the entire navigation of the website. How to order for the first page of google appearing website proved to be quite potent.

9. Website 1 1 topic or Niche
Never create a website gado-gado or general because if it makes the website, agan prone exposed penalty from google. To create a website ranking 1 google agan need to discuss something that fit each other, I mean the article Yes.

10. Loyal Visitors
The secret of the first page of google is a loyal visitor. If you have regular visitors, then automatically the site recommended to always perform agan at first order in google. Therefore, the agan must continue trying to get loyal visitors.

11. Use SEO services and PBN
Although google's algorithm is always changing, but a service can renew and do any maintance is no change on the search engines. In order for the blog entry should google search agan familiarize themselves to issue capital bought some seo expert services, such as

  1. SEO
  2. PBN
  3. EDU
  4. Social Media
  5. etc.

12. Frequently Sharing in Social Media
If every post you share in social media, then it can be ascertained agan will get a visitor who really liked the site content agan. This certainly would be one way for website searchable on google.

13. the Diligent writing articles
Website searchable in google when agan diligent writing. To make a quality article, certainly agan must learn and read a lot. Therefore, rajin-rajinlah to add a keyword that appears in google by writing. Oh yes, make sure that also the writings of the original/original must agan and created manually.

14. The writings of more than 1000 words
If you want to appear on the google blog on top, at least agan must write an article more than a 1000 words. Why? Because, google is very fond of a website or sites that have good content. Then, can it be if the writings of less than 1000 words to get in on google? Could, but that didn't last long.

15. Place an ad
In order for the website to sign in at the top of google search, agan can also be instant way of IE by placing ads on the website – a website that already has hundreds of visitor. Advertising can also be done directly in the search engine through google adwords or if from facebook, then using the fb ads. but, to use it you have to spend money which pretty much as well as a clear target market.

16. Promotion to friends sites
Easy way so that the first page of google appears website is to do promotions on the websites of friends via comments. If bounce rate is getting low, then automatically website will be easily tercrawl by robots. If easily crawl, then any words on the website will be instantly agan keywords for google.

17. Do Keyword Research
Performing at the number 1 google also requires a deep analysis of a keyword. If agan content writing with keyword "create a website entry on google" then agan should do research. Research here serves to find out how much the volume of visitors (in months) the with keyword research is also used to view the level of difficulty of a keyword. Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of the correct keyword research in order to reproduce visitor blog without the services of a backlink.

18. Use the equations, difference and vocabulary that many
Creating a website is on page one of google is very easy, you simply set up a content only. When agan has rich content with vocabulary, similarities, differences and the raw, then slowly but surely the website agan ride in the first place.

19. The use of the Title, H1, H2 and H3 that is right on the Website
To be able to compete in the 1st page of google, then I advise you to pay attention to the use of the title and Sub-Sub Headings. The use of a title that fits keyword will make website agan easily understood by the robot so it would be easy to enter in search engines. In addition, the agan also should put the sub headings as h1, h2 and h3 correctly and regularly. Read sub headings ...

20. Indexing and Pinging Websites
The last step for the way that the blog is easily found on google is to do indexing and pinging a website itself. Or it could be agan do indexing and pinging on PBN which leads to the website of agan.

Well, that is 20 + step how Make Site Is on page one of Google's obligatory agan know and can direct dipraktikin with ease. This article may be a reference to a website so that it is all Sapphire on a google page.

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