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10 how to write a good Blog Post - Easily Scanned Tasty Reads

10 how to write a good blog post
Before I've discussed about how to make the article Learning SEO for beginners Complete 2018. In an article that discussed how to articles we are easy to find by visitors through search engines. However, it's not that will make your visitors enjoy a comfortable reading and so make them come back at another time. In other words, it is simply a way to "ensure" people visit your article and not read it until it has been completed.

Therefore, there must be a way to make people comfortable reading your blog so that the next time they come back again. Well, one of the most important ways is to make your article interesting, tasty and easily digested read.

Here are 10 tips on writing blog articles to make comfortable visitors.

1. Structured
Write your articles are structured. How, before writing the first wreath frame stacking or key points in your post. Stacking the key points from the most simple to understand the somewhat difficult to understand. In addition a hierarchy or Division of a neat subdivision in the content of posts also you should do.

2. To The Point
Remember, your readers don't have time to read your article. So, explain the essence of the article that you wrote. Use an effective sentence. No need to be wordy.

3. do not go out of topic (OOT)
Yep, if you're discussing this one, don't run to it. Try each paragraph have a close relationship. Proton topics that occurs could destroy concentration and mood read your visitors. It could be, because the topic that digress everywhere, visitors you stop reading and go to another blog.

4. Explain With points and Subtitles
If the article you wrote is divided into several points, it will be good in separate per paragraph and has subtitles respectively. An example of such an article is realnya are you read this. Use also the subtitles descriptive and effective (according to the content). It is useful to give a general overview and core of the paragraph before the visitors read it so it's not going to saturate and add the curiosity.

5. use Interactive and interesting Pictures
However, if your article contains only text, readers will surely be quickly saturated. Well, an interesting picture'll help eliminate the saturated taste. Use pictures to clarify writing that you describe. If his writings could not be explained with images, it doesn't matter if you include images OOT. Just as busting saturated course.

If you can afford it, it would be better if you post the create shaped infografik. Posts by infografik more easily digested because it is made with an attractive design.

6. use Polite Language and simple
Write with a polite and simple language so that it is easier to digest. In addition, the use of polite language can provide a positive image for your authority.

7. Don't be Stiff
Although it should be polite and modest, does not mean it must be too formal and rigid. Dispositions should remain relaxed. An occasional break up with humour, whim or slang. However, don't overdo it. Excessive use will destroy your post

8. write with your style
Yes, every writer has the style of each. So, write in the style of your writing so that you also enjoy when writing it. The script was written by relaxing relaxing readable insyaallah also:D.

9. give Link to other relevant Articles
Give the link a reference to another article that is still a very useful topic for your readers. They will continue reading your other posts. The more benefits they get from your writing, the more they respect and appreciate you as the author.

10. no Monotonous
No monotony here means don't always write the article content with the same format. That is, don't just contain points, paragraphs or images solely. Vary the writings by the existence of the list, quote, text color, bold, italic, underline, and so on.

That's 10 tips I can share. Share to friends which presumably blogger you need. Hopefully useful 🙂

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