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The Importance Of Unyielding Attitude In Entrepreneurship

The attitude is not easily Surrender In Entrepreneurship-an entrepreneur who has been working in the corporate world have certainly has gone through a very long process initiated in its business include, the challenge and the halang rintang experienced when pioneering his efforts . And it bypassed not only casually but by struggle and hard work, and it cannot escape certainly failures also participated. Therefore it is very important it feels unyielding attitude in entrepreneurship is owned by an entrepreneur.

I so remember the quote from Mr. Bj. Habibie says:

"Failure only happens when we give up "

So important is unyielding attitude in beriwarausaha? Of course, it is important that pose a formidable sense and spirit to face difficulty until the difficulty is resolved.

So, what's the sense as well as a complete understanding of the Unyielding Attitude in Entrepreneurship?

1. never give up Attitude is the early techniques in entrepreneurship
 In entrepreneurship, an entrepreneur who recently pioneered her efforts will surely experience the confusion in determining the initial engineering are to be performed so that his business can thrive? Hah, this is where the importance of unyielding attitude must be owned by an entrepreneur in entrepreneurship. Then what to do? Of course deeply connected because of the unyielding attitude with having an entrepreneur will not be long in deciding a decision Just Do It. He would be courageous in taking a step, because he knew that with unyielding will pose a formidable sense and spirit in doing business.

2. never give up Attitude fosters creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship
Sometimes we can not think of innovation or even berkreativitas to develop businesses that are running, so that our efforts only run Muscovy duck. Well, maybe my friend was wondering what to do with the unyielding attitude of creativity? Certainly very concerned how can we innovate and berfkreatifitas while we don't have an unyielding attitude.

Example:  "If PAL tried to innovate a product business, and product innovation-made PAL is not accepted in the market. Then after that dude in despair and give up, without any new spirit to revise those innovations would be useless innovations that create a PAL as long as it's been. "

Well, so this is the important role of unyielding attitude. We can't give up, we must be tenacious and persevering through it. Especially undergo an effort.

3. never give up Attitude teaches courage in taking action
There comes a time we fell silent, stunned and only silence alone on a zone that we think are already comfortable, eits but wait a minute, this is where a lot of people who think if it resides on a comfort zone that is already a recognition best, but in my view it is precisely wrong, why? Well, because that action or step wrong, how we want to go forward if we just stuck on zone we already consider comfortable. Especially in entrepreneurship. Then, what to do with the unyielding attitude? Well, certainly in touch how we want to dare to take an action, particularly in the business we run if we easily give up, always a desperate and always fear in taking an action and always just thought of risk occurs when we go. Just Do It.

4. Never give up is the key to the victories in entrepreneurship
An entrepreneur who had long been involved with his business must have its own way to achieve success. But I am sure there is one step that everyone has the same way in order to achieve the kesuksessannya i.e. the unyielding attitude. Then what to do with the unyielding attitude key to success? It certainly is very concerned, and any PAL sebenarnyan would already have the answer from different viewpoints. Well, the connection is successful with her unyielding attitude is however possible if someone who does not have an unyielding attitude can be successful, wouldn't any victories must have passed a failure. What if someone that's easy surrender and despair could it be she will reach a point victories. Just Do It.

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